Birthday Party Themes: Gross Stuff Kids Party

Tips for a themed bday parties to gross out children. Ideas on decorations invitations and activities.


Stuff an envelope with rubber bugs, plastic poop or vomit from a novelty shop. Include with it an invitation, with the word, "GROSS!!!" emblazoned across it. Inside, tell your guests you'll be having a Gross Party full of icky and disgusting stuff. Tell them to wear clothes they won't mind getting slimed in.


Hang rubber snakes from the wall and stick up some more bugs. Pin up "garbage pail kid' cards for everyone to see. Throw up some streamers and balloons if you like, but remember to keep the theme-- you want stuff that kids will find funny and disgusting, but that won't be too offensive to parents or frightening (in which case, you may want to avoid anything involving violence or death of any kind).


Make green Jell-o, mash it and add gummy worms. Serve your guests slime. Go to a gourmet or novelty food shop and get candied insects, such as lollipops with crickets or ant covered chocolate. Blend ginger ale with a packet of strawberry Jell-o and some frozen strawberries on puree, then add two or three drops of blue food coloring to darken it. This will look like a bloody mess. Get some bologna and cheese slices, and use peppers, olives and other types of food and condiments to make gross faces on the slices, or roll them up to look like fingers.

A really disgusting looking but tasty cake is a "kitty litter box" cake. Bake or get a plain white cake. Make some vanilla pudding and chill. Take some vanilla cookies, such as vanilla wafers, and crush them into coarse crumbs in a blender or food processor. Put a few drops of green food dye into the cookie crumbs and toss it with a fork. Get a brand new kitty litter plastic tray from a pet store and clean it well. Crumble the cake into it, spoon on the pudding and toss it until the cake crumbs are moist (but not soggy). Sprinkle with the cookie crumb mixture. Take a few tootsie rolls. Heat them for about 5 to 10 seconds in the microwave until soft, and roll them in your hands to round them out and smooth the edges. Scatter them over the cake. Serve it with a brand new, plastic, clean kitty litter scoop. Trust me, this looks like the real thing.


Put the grossest things you can find in mystery boxes with a small opening for their hands, and have kids reach in and identify the object. Some ideas: well oiled, cooked spaghetti, Jell-o, a clump of dolls hair, peeled grapes, or slime. See if you can get someone with pets, such as tarantulas, snakes or lizards, to bring over for the kids to view. Make some pudding, mix with gummy worms, and put them in pie plates. Top with some whipped cream. Have a pie eating contest-- no hands allowed! Have a silly string shoot out. Have a spam sculpting contest (even if you like to eat spam, this is gross).


Give your guests a buggy lollipop, a can of slime, and some silly string to go in a gift bag.

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