Birthday Party Themes: Kids Sixties Party

Tips for planning a theme bday parties for children. A guide to invitations, decorations and activities.


Look in your craft stores scrap book and card making section for heavy card stock paper in a tie dye print. Cut it to the size of a post card. Attach a label telling your guests you are going to be having a sit-in or a pre-Woodstock jam at your house in celebration of the child's birthday in the true spirit of the 60's. Tell your guests to dress up in their hippest 60's clothes for the event. Pin a yellow happy face or peace sign buttons in your invitations. Slip them into envelopes and distribute them.


Get some beads to hang from the doorway. Go to a novelty shop and pick up some lava lamps. Get glow in the dark poster board and cut out flowers and hang them around the room. Old album covers of artists such as the Beatles make a great addition-- you can hang the covers right on the wall. Bumper stickers with old political sayings also make a great wall hanging. Burn some incense for when your guests come over, and cover the table with a big tie-dyed table cloth. Play music by any artist that appeared at Woodstock. Put out blankets if outside, or pillows and throw rugs for people to sit on-- in the 60's, people liked sitting on the ground. Have some big tie dyed t-shirts laying around for those guests who forget to come in costume, and give them one to put on when they arrive.


Get some yellow happy face plates and set out some hippie foods, such as granola, trail mix, vegetable sticks with dips, and brown rice dishes. Put out a big plate of brownies. For a cake, use a carrot cake recipe with cream cheese frosting. Make it in a round cake pan. Decorate it with a giant happy face or peace symbol on it in keeping with your theme. Serve some flavored herbal hot or iced tea, and you are all set.


Have a trivia contest, testing your guests on their knowledge of the 60's decade. Test their knowledge on music, politics, history, fashion, slang, and art popular at the time. Get some washable tattoos in peace signs, yin/yang, and other symbols popular with hippies, as well as some face paint and some flowers for their hair, and let your guests decorate themselves. If you have a friend who can play the guitar, encourage them to bring it. Sit around and sing old peace songs, such as, "Kumbya," or "Give Peace a Chance." Watch a movie, such as "Hair," or "A Hard Days Night." Put out beads for people to string and wear. Get everyone's sign and read a passage from an astrology book (all the better if you can find an old one from the 60's in a thrift shop), then let the guests vote on if the description fits the person. Play "Guess That Song." Play just a few seconds of a popular 60's song and see if your guests can guess the title and artist.


Get some old beaded bags from the thrift shops. Fill them with happy face stickers, baggies of brownies, a CD of 60's tunes, granny glasses, washable tattoos, and a tie dye bandana.

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