Birthday Surprise Parties And Ideas

Want to throw a birthday surprise party for your friend or spouse that they will never forget? Here are some basic tips and ideas for your next surprise party.

Surprise! What a completely exhilarating moment when you walk into a room and notice all of your friends and family members are there. You will run through a gamut of emotions as you will first look around quizzically and wonder how all of your friends coincidentally ended up at the same place. Next comes shock when you realize they are all there for you. If done correctly (and with the right people), surprise parties can be both challenging and fun events. Here are some tips and ideas when throwing and hosting a surprise party.

Surprise Party Tips

* If you end up having a surprise party at somebody's home where you will be taking the unassuming guest of honor, ask everybody to park away from the home. It would be pretty obvious to the guest when they arrive at a home and notice their friends' cars all lining the driveway.

* When handing out the invitations, be sure to note that it will be a surprise party and that they should not mention it to the guest of honor. If you have a friend who is not exactly great at keeping secrets, hand out their invitation a little closer to the event so he/she has less time to ruin the surprise.

* If your guest of honor seems to be the inquisitive type who can spot a sham a mile away, try not to have the actual party on his or her birthday. Instead, host it one or two weeks in advance.

Surprise Party Ideas

* One of the easier surprise parties to throw is at a restaurant. To throw the guest of honor off, plan for a dinner party or birthday party on the weekend of their birthday. Have all of your friends and family members speak about the upcoming party and ask if they can bring anything to the party. Of course, this is a party that will never come to fruition. The weekend before the actual party, let your guest of honor know that you would like to take them out to dinner or lunch, just the two of you. Since they are planning for their upcoming party, they will not suspect a thing. All of the guest of honor's friends and family members should already be there at the restaurant waiting at a large table. Ask to be sat at a table for two. One of your guest of honor's favorite friends or family members should approach the table and say something along the lines of, "Why don't you two come join our table?" They will then lead you to the table where all of the friends and family members are sitting, at which point everybody yells, "Surprise!"

* Perhaps you want the surprise to be a little more intimate for your spouse or partner. If time and finances allow, surprise them with an out-of-town weekend trip. Buy the plane tickets and book the hotel in advance for a weekend when you know your partner is available. The day before the trip, send your spouse out to pick up some movie rentals or take-out food. Quickly pack the luggage you will both need for your trip and store it in the trunk of your automobile. You will want to have arranged with a friend of your spouse to ask your spouse if he/she will take them to the airport on the day that your surprise is planned. You, of course, will already be there and will have already checked in your bags. Once your spouse has driven that friend to the airport, he/she will be expecting his/her friend to get out of the car. Instead, his/her friend will hand over the plane ticket and say, "Surprise." Once they have checked in, you will be waiting at the terminal for them.

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