Birthday Theme Parties: Girls Glamour Party

Planning a young ladies fun gathering has never been easier. A guide to decorations, activites, and invitations.


Get a small pocket make up mirror and an eye liner pencil. Write the party invitation on the mirror with the eye liner pencil, telling the girls that they are invited to a glamour party. Take a piece of clear contact paper, cut it to the size of the mirror and place it carefully over the mirror to prevent the liner from smudging. Slip it inside of an envelope and distribute it to the guests.


Get strings of beads from the craft store, such as the type you decorate your Christmas tree with, and hang them from the walls. Put out pretty pink and white streamers, lacy tablecloths and flowers. Get some hand mirrors and set them out around a table. Go to the dollar store and pick up some sets that have make up and lay it all out on the table. You can also lay out some quick dry nail polish, some sponge curlers, brushes and hair accessories. Fill a big jewelry box, or a shoe box wrapped in pretty paper, with play and costume jewelry, tiaras and anything sparkly you can find. Ask your friends to hit their attics or basements for some old frilly clothes, or go to the thrift shop. Pick up hats, hand bags, feather boas, scarves and anything else for dress up. Stick them near a big mirror in a trunk.


Make cream cheese and jelly, peanut butter, or tuna sandwiches (or several different types), cut off the crusts, and cut them into four triangles. Get some cookies and put them out on a silver (or foil) platter. Serve iced tea and punch out of a tea pot into some dime store tea cups with saucers. Make a pretty cake with pink frosting and decorated with candied flowers.


When your guests arrive, seat them at the beauty salon table. Help them put a few curlers in their hair, and let them make each other up with the play make up. Then, help them brush their hair and put pretty clips and combs in their hair. Direct them to the dress up trunk, and allow your guests to gussy themselves up. Let them put on whatever strange combinations they come up with-- the fancier the better. Then bring out the jewelry box, and let them adorn themselves. Let them put on a fashion show, which you can video tape, and take pictures of each guest all dressed up. After having refreshments, do a quick "beauty treatment" and give the girls some cold cream and tissues to remove the make up, and a sponge doused with nail polish remover in a cup to get the polish off.


Give your guests a little plastic purse with some clear lip gloss, hair accessories, and candy jewelry, such as ring pops and candy necklaces. If you like, you can include a Polaroid of the girl taken at the party, or distribute a digital picture slide show on a CD (it helps if you have someone in the house who can run these off quickly on your computer while your guests are having their refreshments).

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