Black Jack Tips: When To Double Down

Black jack tips that will improve your game. When playing black jack there are better times than others when to double down, this article will tell when.

Have you ever been to the casino in Atlantic City and see people playing blackjack and seeing them win money? Most people think that it is just a game trying to get to 21 without going over. Wrong, there are some tricks of the trade. One of the best ways to win money when playing blackjack is to double down. But when is it correct to down double and what exactly is double downing.

Double down is when you request 1 card after the first two cards are dealt to you. You can double down for amount equal to your orginal bet or for more less. You can never double for more than your orginal bet.

The idea hand to double down on is when your first two cards dealt to you total 10 or 11 and the dealers up card is a 4, 5, 0r 6. The logic is that the dealer still must take a hit and he has a greater chance of breaking and the odds are in your favor that you will get a face card or a 10. If you do double and get a low card, for example a 4 don't worry because the dealer might break. If you get a face card or a 10 you are almost a winner and the amount of money you won is double your orginal bet.

Another good time to double is when you are dealt an ace and any other numbered card while the dealer up card is a 3,4, 5 or 6. Again, this is ideal because the odds are that the dealer will draw and break.

It is never a good idea to double down if the dealer up card is 10, or a face card. This is because the odds has it that the dealer will have a 20 total. Say that you don't get a 10 for your double you are a loser and lose twice as much.

The rule to remember when you double down is that you want to win money. If you are unsure of it don't do it or double for less. Watch the table see what cards are out and finally, GOOD LUCK!

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