Bmx Bicycles: Tricks And Racing Tips

BMX bike racing basics: instructions on how to perform various moves, jumps and tricks as well as some safety tips.

BMX bicycle racing started back in the 1970s, and it still thrives today as young cyclists continue to enjoy the high- action sport. Racing is actually the back end of the fun, because, performing tricks and jumps on a person's bicycle is really the main excitement.

There are countless tricks that can be done on a BMX bicycle, with more variations invented every day. "Street Freestyling" is a popular one, as it can be done in the city using a number of provided props. You can use curbs, walls, park benches, and drop offs to perform tricks in the air. There's a trick called "Curb Endo" that's often performed in the city. Just ride your BMX bicycle slowly up to a curb. As soon as the front tire hits the curb, lean forward and pull up the back of your bicycle. Hold the back tire up off of the ground for as long as possible. Then, lean back and put the tire back down on the ground.

Here's a tip for you to remember: watch out for moving vehicles, as well as pedestrians, on the city streets!

In the country, "dirt jumping" is one of the most popular ways to race BMX bicycles. All you need are some huge piles of dirt that you can jump off of in order to "get some air." In between jumping dirt piles, you can perform tricks like the "Barhop". To do this trick, as you're riding along slowly on your bicycle, pull your body up, then maneuver it over the handlebars, and land on the front pegs. This is all done in a single, smooth "hopping" motion. Then, to get back on the other side, just reverse the motion and pull your body back over the handlebars.

There's also another trick you can do on your BMX bicycle that involves the handlebars. This maneuver is called the "Barspin" and it's performed like this: ride your bicycle slowly in a circular pattern. Turn your right hand backwards and place it on the left handlebar grip. Then, lean your body back, and quickly spin the handlebars around by using your right hand. After you have spun the handlebars several times, stop the spin so they are straight in front of you again.

Here's a helpful tip for this trick: the faster you spin the handlebars, the easier it will be to maintain your balance on your BMX bicycle.

One of the nice features about this sport is that you can practice racing and performing tricks on your BMX bicycle most anywhere. Whether you live in the city or in the country, as long as you have some space to use, you're in business. Then, when you feel you're ready, if you want to become an official BMX racer, you'll want to familiarize yourself with the National Bicycle League, (NBL) if you live in the eastern part of the United States. In the west, the American Bicycle Association, (ABA) is in charge of sponsoring races and maintaining tracks. Check the Internet to find their websites, rules, regulations, and other pertinent information about them.

When you begin to participate in actual BMX races, you'll become familiar with the different racetracks in your area. The more you learn, and the more you practice, the better racer you can become.

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