Body piercing aftercare and treatment

I will explain the neccesities in aftercare and traetment of body piercings.

When opting to have a piercing, it is vital to make certain the establishment and technician you choose are reputable. Sanitary conditions and clinical cleanliness are a must. Make certain the needles and instruments that they use are sterile. The use of disposable needles is a must. Make certain you see them change the piercing needle. If in doubt, ask! With the risk of AIDS and various other communicable diseases such as hepatitis this is an absolute must.

Initially after piercing, the area may swell and be sore; this is quite normal and no cause for alarm. Depending on the location a slight clear seeping may occur. This is also normal. (Especially in the nipple area)

If in doubt do not remove your piercing, as it is important to keep the channel the piercing has created open.

If an infection is to develop, it is important that the wound is not closed, thus allowing surrounding tissue to close in. If you have any concerns or questions, contact the piercing establishment or a physician.

It is important to keep the area clean. Soaking the pierced area in a mild saline solution is one of the best ways. A small cup with salt water held over the pierced area periodically throughout the day suffices. It is also vital to make sure the piercing is rotated, in order for it to heal uniformly. This involves gently pulling it back and forth through the hole created, if it's a barbell type. If it is a hoop, then gently rotate it fully, on either side, as far as it will go. This will keep it from snagging. When washing the area, you may use an antibacterial soap such as dial. Liquid is preferable, since a bar soap can harbor bacteria, and aggravate the situation.

If the piercing is in the mouth or lip area such as a libre, or tongue piercing, rinsing with Listerine is recommended. The same principle applies as far as rotating the piercing. It is important not to smoke, and to refrain from kissing or oral sexual contact while it is healing. After eating especially, rinse well. Make certain to do this at least three times a day. The morning rinse is vital especially because bacteria collected overnight accumulates and is breeding ground for infection.Rinsing with a salt solution can also promote rapid healing, as Listerine can be quite potent and irritating. Some technicians don't recommend it at all. This depends on the school of thought. I have never had a problem with it. If you are sensitive opt for the saline.

Also initially with a tongue or lip piercing, it may be necessary to do a liquid diet for a few days, as the area may well swell and be aggravated by chewing.

Healing time varies from person to person. General a fully healed piercing may take several weeks.

Everyone recovers at a different rate. I generally heal within a week. Usually provided you follow these simple steps I have detailed there should be no problem. Again, if any drastic swelling or irritation occurs, seek professional help, and do not remove the piercing yourself! This can lead to a worse infection, than may otherwise have developed. Keep the area clean, and the piercing rotated. It usually is that simple.

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