Body Sculpting For Women: 5 Key Exercises For A Complete Butt Workout

Want to tone and firm your butt? Try these five key exercises for a complete butt workout.

Nowadays with celebrity derrieres like Jennifer Lopez's being seen on every magazine, much emphasis is placed on the butt region. If we want to tone up what we already have or accentuate what little is already there, then the following key exercises are just for you. Pairing these core exercises with cardiovascular workouts and a balanced and nutritious diet will give you the results you want. When beginning these butt exercises, you will want to start with one or two sets, working your way up to three sets, and do five to ten repetitions, working your way up to fifteen repetitions. When you first start, do whatever feels comfortable and work your way up at your own pace. You will want to do this butt workout twice a week, making sure to give yourself at least a day of rest between the two workouts.


This is the ultimate in a glut workout. Standing upright with your legs shoulder width apart, and knees slightly bent (while doing the exercise you will want to avoid locking your knees), slowly lower your butt down, keeping your heels planted. Imagine yourself sitting down on a chair and go down this far. Look down at the floor and make sure your knees do not bend pass your toes. Slowly rise up again, always controlling the movement and keeping your abdominal muscles tight. Avoid squatting down too far so you don't aggravate your knees. The best way to make sure you are in good form is to look at yourself sideways in a mirror.


Another great butt exercise is the lunge. Standing upright with your legs together, hands on hips or holding dumbbells (dumbbells come later when you have more strength), push one leg forward approximately two and a half to three feet in front and lower down on it, so that your knee forms a ninety degree angle without going over your toes. Keep the forward foot with the heel flat. The back leg should be practically straight and should almost touch the floor, with your weight resting on the ball of the foot. Push back to the starting position and alternate legs.

Ham Raises

If you have an exercise step, this will work best. Lying on the floor with your butt pushed as close as it can get to the step, bend one leg and put the heel of the foot on the step. Your other leg should be straight up. Squeezing your butt and using the hamstrings of the foot on the step, lift your butt off the floor a few inches, pushing the leg that is straight up towards the ceiling. Lower your butt to the floor, but do not let it quite touch before you lift it again. Keep your abdominal muscles tight. Make sure to alternate legs.

Step Up Squat

Using the same exercise step, stand in front of the step and place one foot on top of it. Keep the leg that is still on the floor slightly bent and squat down slightly (do not do a full squat). Slowly rise up and using the muscles of the leg that is already on the step, lift yourself up over the step, stretching and lifting that leg that was on the floor behind you and squeezing your butt muscles. Alternate legs.

Thigh Lift

Standing straight and holding onto a chair for support, bend one knee to a ninety degree angle. Lift this bent leg up slowly to your side, controlling the movement, until it is at a ninety degree angle to the floor. Slowly lower it down to the starting position. Alternate legs and make sure to keep your abdominal muscles tight.

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