Body Sculpting For Women: 5 Key Exercises For A Complete Thigh Workout

Want to achieve thighs that do not give you a rash as they rub together? Try these five exercises for a complete thigh workout.

It is the perfect woman whose thighs do not rub together when she walks...or is it? Any of us can have the non-rubbing thighs of our dreams if we just exercise three to four times a week for 45 minutes to an hour and combine that with a nutritious and balanced diet, some overall weight training and the following thigh-busting exercises. When performing these exercises, start off with one to two sets and five to ten repetitions, eventually moving to three sets and fifteen repetitions as your thigh muscles and endurance become stronger.

Thigh Kick

If you have one available, attach a leg weight to your ankle. Beginners may want to work up to this. Holding on to the back of a chair or bar, slowly raise one straight leg up as high as possible feeling the contraction in the thigh. Slowly return your leg to the start position, controlling the movement all the way down. Make sure to alternate legs.


The squat is good for both the thighs and butt. You can do these with or without dumbbells. Keep your feet shoulder-width apart and slowly lower your body down until your thighs are parallel with the floor. Never let your feet come off the floor and do not let your knees go over your toes. The movement should be exactly the same as if you were about to sit on a chair. Slowly bring yourself up to the start position, controlling the movement.

Classic Leg Lift

Lie on your back with your arms stretched parallel to your side. Bend one knee so that this foot is flat on the floor. Keep the other leg straight. Controlling the movement and feeling the flex in your thigh, slowly lift the straight leg until it goes slightly past your bent knee. Control the movement as you lower the leg back down, never letting this leg rest completely before repeating the movement again.

Frog Leg Lift

This one isn't called the frog leg lift for nothing. Lie on your back, arms stretched straight and parallel at your sides, feet up and bend your knees in a ninety degree angle. However, at this point, touch the sides of your shoes together and maintain approximately twenty inches between the knees. This is the frog position. From this point, flex your inner thighs, extending and straightening your legs up so that your legs are together. Slowly controlling your movements return to the start position.

Leg Extension

These leg extension machines can be found at any gym. This exercise is best for your quadriceps, or the front part of your thigh. Sit on the leg extension machine seat and place your feet behind the padded bar in front of you. Your knees should be hanging off the seat and the padded bar should be right over your ankles (and no further up). Slowly extend your legs up, feeling the contraction in your thighs, and then slowly lower back down to the start position. Always control the movements, never letting momentum take over.

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