Body Sculpting For Women: Tips And Information On Why Women Should Train With Weights

An article with information and tips on why women should train with weights to improve their health and appearance.

Weight training has many benefits for women. In the past women were told to keep to a low calorie diet and aerobic exercise to keep in shape and lose weight. Then women were told to use very light weights and high repetitions. They were also told they would develop huge muscles if they trained with weights. Actually very few women have the body frame or hormones to create large muscles. Another misconception is that fat can turn to muscle. Muscle and fat cells are entirely different and one cannot change into the other. Fat burns as fuel for the body; muscle grows by increasing in fiber size and getting thicker.

No matter your body type, lifting weights is the only way to reshape your body and give you a healthy base for life. A muscle needs to be fatigued in order to grow and that means a heavy enough weight to induce that state of failure. Muscle fibers increase in thickness as they recover from being worked, which results in the shape changing and getting thicker in the middle. The muscle may be hard to see if there is a layer of fat but it is there. Adding muscle to the body increases the resting metabolism, as muscle requires more energy and this will help in losing body fat. Muscle burns three times more calories than fat.

As women get older, the metabolism starts to slow down leading to weight increase and a general sluggish feel to the energy level. About five pounds of muscle is lost every decade and 15 pounds of fat added. Weight training helps to slow down and stop the weight gain and strength loss. Lifting weights also slows down the loss of bone density leading to brittle bones or osteoporosis. Heavy weights stress the bone and cause it to get stronger. Stronger bones and muscles not only increase your strength and stability but also reduce the risk of injury.

Even if the scales show a bit of an increase, muscle weighs more than fat. However toned muscle gives a thinner look to the body because it is more compact. This gives women an extra boost of confidence because they look better and feel better. The extra energy helps keep you moving all day and able to finish whatever tasks need doing.

You may want to consult a physician before starting a routine if it has been a long time or you have other medical conditions. Start slow and be prepared to make a commitment. It takes time to build the body safely. Starting a weight training program does not have to cost a lot either. If you do not wish to attend a gym, buy a few sets of dumbbells. A good goal to start with is 2-3 times a week. Work all your muscles or split upper/lower body being sure to rest the muscle at least one day before using it again. One set of 8-12 repetitions where the last three or four reps are difficult to finish. As that gets easier, start increasing the weight and the number of sets performed. Buying a good book or two will help you perform the exercises properly and give alternatives for various muscle groupings.

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