What Is A Body Shaper And What Does It Do?

Body shapers provide women with an instant and comparatively comfortable way to shape and lift every part of their body.

By now, most women have heard of body shapers, and many women wonder exactly what they are and what they do. Body shapers are available in all sizes, including plus sizes, and they simply provide women with a way to improve their appearance. While body shapers do not provide any permanent benefits, they do provide a quick and easy way to look dramatically better.

The concept behind body shapers is by no means new. Corsets have been around for centuries, and just like body shapers, they help squeeze a figure into the desired form. Body shapers are simply a more modern, and typically more comfortable than corsets. Additionally, body shapers can shape any part of the body, not just the waist and bust.

Body shapers are made out of strong materials (typically a mixture of nylon and lycra) that are able to force the body into shape and instantly make anyone seem inches thinner. All companies claim that their body shapers are comfortable, and they truthfully are more comfortable than the corset of the past. However, depending on how sensitive a person is, how warm the weather is, and how many inches the shaper is supposed to be taking off, shapers can range from barely noticeable to rather restricting.

Body shapers come is a large variety of styles. Many women wear body shaper briefs or boy shorts on a regular basis in order to take off inches around the stomach, butt, and thighs. Other body shapers, including slips and teddy-like shapers, shape the bust and upper stomach as well. In addition to giving a slimmer appearance, body shapers can also add lift to the butt and bust.

Body shapers are designed to be undetectable under clothing; people are supposed to think that a woman is as slim and shapely as the shapers make her look. Because shapers are meant to be hidden underneath clothes, many shapers have a rather utilitarian style. However, several shapers that are detailed with lace are available for women looking for a prettier, sexier look.

Some women like to wear body shapers every day, while others reserve them for special occasions, such as high school reunions. Body shapers can be used by women who are well above their ideal weight as well as women who are in good shape but have one or two problem areas they want to improve. The results of body shapers can vary from extremely noticeable to quite subtle.

Body shapers vary in price based on the company, quality, and type. Typically, full body shapers are more expensive than briefs or boy shorts. In general, body shapers cost around the same amount or just slightly above the price of comparable lingerie without shaping properties.

Body shapers are a great way for women to instantly improve their appearance and self esteem. And for women who are happy with their figure but occasionally want a shapelier look, body shapers are ideal. However, it is important to remember that body shapers are only a temporary solution. Women who want to permanently improve their health and appearance still need to follow a healthy diet and exercise plan.

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