Bones Of The Human Skeleton

You've got hundred of bones in your body - learn all about this marvel of design here.

They are the living framework of your body - one moment able to withstand great tension, the next a wonder of compression. What a different world - a better world - it would be if mankind could harness this type of technology in his own handiwork. Compared to the human bone structure, however, the frameworks that man has produced are decidedly primitive. So, lets take a closer look at your bones.

The bones provide the structural frame-work of the body. They keep the organs in -place and maintain the shape of the body.Bones are very light. The 200 odd bones in your body weigh less than 20 pounds. They are however, extremely strong. As mentioned they have the qualities of both compression - allowing us to hop, skip and jump - and tension, allowing us to carry heavy objects. How is this accomplished? Criss-crossed through the concrete-like calcium in bones run fibers of collagen, which provide support and reinforcement. So, effective is this design structure that bone is eight times stronger than reinforced concrete.

What else is unique about the bone structure? For one, thing from birth they are constantly growing for about twenty years. Yet, there is no halt to their function. The bones are also self healing. If a shaft in an engine breaks, we take it out and find a new one. But if a bone breaks, we expect it to mend itself and, after a while, to be as good as new.

The joints between our bones are self-lubricating. This aids in transmitting the force and power from one bone to the next. In fact, the joints between bones normally show no wear at all, yet they are able to withstand a weight that is three to ten times the body weight. Because of the lubrication, very little energy is lost to friction. The end of long bones is also made of bones that are spongy and more resilient. This aids in resisting impact injuries. Inside the bones, a marvel of creation is taking place. Here new blood cells are made, and these are constantly renourishing our indispensable blood supply.

Your bones are truly masterpieces of design. Just, imagine, if your bones were replaced with the next strongest material known to man, steel, they would weigh about 800 pounds - without the compression benefits of the real thing. So, we can be grateful that we are kept together by something that man can only marvel at - human bone.

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