Boosting Morale With New Apparel For The High School Basketball Team

Drab apparel pulls down morale for a high school team, taking the focus off of playing and winning.

Imagine with me for a moment. You are sixteen, and a starter for your school's basketball team. You and the rest of your team members are ready for the game. You are pumped, morale is high, and you hit the court running. Your uniforms are neat, and combine the colors of your school. You are proud to be a member of this team, proud to hear the crowd cheering and shouting. Now, let us visit the other dressing room. You and your team members are seated on benches, listening to your coach. However, you are not focused on his instructions, but on the shabbiness of your uniform. You wear the same shorts you wear in gym class, and your top is reversible, allowing the color on one side to show through to the other. A regular t-shirt is underneath the tank top style uniform. You are not focused on the coach, but on the fact that you and your friends look like your regular uniforms are being cleaned, and you only had the scrimmage outfits from physical education class to wear to the game. When you hit the court, you just want to hide, not play ball. Now, which team would you prefer to be on?

In high school, peer pressure is a daily part of life. It does not stop just because you start playing a game, then pick up again after the whistle is blown. Everyone likes being a part of something they can be proud of, and high school is no different. Being a ball player, you are representing your school, your friends, your teachers, and you. Schools should remember this. The ball team represents them at home and away games, and having shoddy looking uniforms represents the school as cheap, shoddy, and poor. A parent thinking of moving their child to a different school the next year will think twice before sending the child to a school who cannot afford proper uniforms. There are multiple reasons for having sharp looking uniforms, but perhaps the most obvious one is boosting the team's morale.

Sharp looking apparel makes each member of the team ready to hit the court, ready to play their best and represent every fan in the stands. Whether it is workout apparel before the game begins, or the uniforms they wear during the game, it is a matter of pride. Looking good in the workout suit, a team will feel no need to think they are "less" of a team than their opponents. I assure you, during the warm up before the game, analyzing your opponent takes place every second. You get an idea of who you will have to watch for during the game; number ten can make three pointers, number four excels at lay ups, and number seventeen will not be a concern at all. Then it is back to the dressing room for the final pep talk from the coach. When the team has uniforms they can be proud of, they are automatically on equal terms with the opposing team, whatever the playing abilities.

Decent basketball apparel does not automatically make a team the state champions. However, it leaves the team open to focusing on what they should be: playing the game and improving their abilities. Every person is self-conscious to some degree, whether they admit it or not. Players in pro sports would protest greatly if they were forced to wear the quality of uniform that high school teams often wear. Gold lined uniforms are not necessary, and high school basketball players do not want pro sports quality apparel. They just want to look as if they actually belong on the court.

It is an incredible feeling, running onto the court wearing your school colors, hearing all the cheers of your supporters, knowing they are pulling for you. Your morale is at a level you cannot imagine, and you are pumped and ready to win the game. You are positive you will win, and every member of that team feels the exact same way. When the referee blows the whistle to start the game, there is a rush of adrenaline, and you go for it with all you have for every minute you play. Your school backs you, as is evident by the smart looking uniforms you wear. Your fans support you, as is evident by the cheers and shouts from the stands. The team supports each other, as is evident by the final score when the buzzer sounds. Forecasted morale for next week's game with the new uniforms - above average again.

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