What Are Some Boot Trends?

What are some boot trends? Among other fashion trends, tall top boots are very popular in women's fashion right now. The taller boot is not as popular for men; but for women, tall tops are really popular...

The taller boot is not as popular for men; but for women, tall tops are really popular right now. We've got boots that are as short as 10 inches and I am looking at a boot right now that's 15 inches. So it really depends on what your style is. I am sure that you have seen the ladies wear their blue jeans with the large cuffs; those look fabulous with a pair of really tall top boots. So that is starting to become a trend right now. As an industry, the western fashion has started to take off quite a bit from last year. We have seen it in our typical western stores, but now it's becoming more mainstream. You are starting to see crushable hats and "Daisy Duke" shorts and girls wearing boots with skirts; it is just wonderful for us. Lucchese 1883 is one of our fashion-driven line. It definitely contains a lot of the western influence and the western style that are in our traditional boots. However, we tend to follow color trends that are more mainstream. Nine times out of ten, every single one of those fashion magazines will be advertising the same color of boot from various manufacturers. The United States is about a year behind the trends from anywhere that dictates "what's hot" right now. We follow those trends and we make that boot fit a little differently than the other two lines. In fact that if you were to walk into Neiman Marcus or a store that is known for their shoes for women and look for that style of footwear, our 1883 boots are perfect. We really don't care whose boot they are wearing as long as they wearing boots; it just helps everybody in this industry.

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