Are Boots in Style for Women?

By Elizabeth Smith

  • Overview

    Boots are a popular style of footwear for women across the world. Because they come in many sizes, shapes and colors, boots can enhance an outfit and serve as an easy fashion update. They are available in styles to fit any individual's personal taste, and are more durable and long-lasting than many other types of footwear.
  • Features

    One of the most popular styles of boots for women are flat boots. These boots have a very small heel, and are generally considered the most comfortable and practical boot to wear. Also in style are high-heeled boots with a sturdy heel--boots with tall, spiky heels are not as trendy. Flat boots are particularly useful for women who want to accessorize without sacrificing comfort; they allow one to be stylish without being tortured.
  • Types

    Some of the most stylish types of flat boots are riding boots, comfort boots and suede boots. Riding boots are generally made of leather or faux leather and often have details such as buckles, zippers, rivets or even pockets. Comfort boots, such as Ugg boots, are designed with extra padding inside, or extra material to increase comfort. Suede boots are often designed to sag, eliminating tightness around the calves.

  • Considerations

    The type of boots you choose will depend on your calf size and shape. For women with narrow ankles and muscular calves, it can be difficult to find leather boots that fit well; the difference in size between the ankle and calf can create extra, baggy material around the lower part of the boot. For women with that type of calf, better boots are those that are designed with extra material ("saggy" boots), or boots with furry lining that is more forgiving. For women with very narrow calves, saggy boots might not work as well.
  • Identification

    To determine which style of boot works best for you, try many styles on. You may find that one brand or style works best for your body type. Consider also your personal style when choosing a boot; if you plan to wear them to work, try a dressier style. If you plan to wear them on weekends or shopping, consider a more comfortable style of boot.
  • Costs

    Boots are the most expensive type of footwear. If you plan to buy leather or designer boots, expect to spend upwards of $300. For non-designer boots, you will pay according to the material and quality of construction. However, you can certainly get boots for under $100 if you shop around, or look in stores such as TJMaxx or Nordstrom Rack. Such stores offer off-season styles, irregular sizes or boots with small imperfections for discounted prices.
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