Bowling Instruction Books To Improve Your Game

There are many great resource books that can help you improve your bowling technique game. Here's a selection of instruction books.

Looking to improve your bowling game? Although no amount of reading can replace frequent practice sessions and a healthy lifestyle, there are some fantastic books out there that offer tips on becoming a better bowler. Adding one or more of these resources to your collection will be sure to help you improve your game!

Bowling for Beginners is an excellent choice for those who are fairly new to the game, especially younger bowlers. This colorfully illustrated book, written by Don Nace, guides the novice through selecting the right ball, warming up, stance, techniques for maximizing score, and even bowling alley etiquette. This one would make a wonderful gift for that younger bowler in your life.

From Gutterballs to Strikes, by Mike Durbin and Dan Herbst, is a great place to start if you've been bowling for a while and would like to improve. The book focuses on the most common errors that bowlers make, offering clear advice on how to correct those mistakes. Durbin is a professional bowler, and Herbst has written several other books about bowling. Look for them in the sports section of your local book store.

John Jowdy is another well-known bowling guru, and his contribution to bowling literature includes Bowling Execution. This easy-to-read book provides tips on correcting common flaws in your stance, choosing the right equipment, and practicing effectively.

Put some spin on your ball and power into your game with Bowling Strikes by Dawson Taylor. This one is a bit more complex than some of the others, but the techniques are described clearly and specifically. The book also discusses how to make adjustments for varying lane conditions.

Bowling: How to Master the Game, by Parker Bohn III, is a photographically elegant guide to becoming a professional bowler - or at least attaining the skills to be one. Using this book has been described as being like a personal lesson from a master of the sport. An added bonus is the equal treatment given to left-handed bowlers, unusual for such instruction books.

Earl Anthony's Winning Bowling is a must for every bowler's bookshelf. Don't miss his "super secrets" that can improve any game. If you're sick of losing by just a few pins, this is the book for you.

Par Bowling: The Challenge by Thomas C. Kouros is considered the "Bible" of advanced bowling skills. Careful diagrams add clarity and depth. Incredibly detailed, Par Bowling takes you through everything you would ever want to know about the sport. Its breadth has been praised by amateurs and professionals alike.

If you teach bowling to others, check out Skills, Drills & Strategies for Bowling by Janis H. Martin. It provides ideas for practicing essential bowling skills. Although the book is designed for those who coach, it has plenty of good advice for anyone who enjoys the sport.

Whether you've never hefted a ball or you've been bowling for years, there's a book out there that's sure to be right for you. Check your local bookstore or go online to find these - and many more - wonderful bowling resources.

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