Boys Birthday Party Ideas: Military

Here are some fun and original ideas you can use to plan a boys military birthday party, including food, games, decorations and party favors.

A fun and original birthday party idea for a boy of any age would be a military theme. Take and use some or all of these ideas to entertain your children's friends and show love for your country and for the military.

Invitations: Using Uncle Sam clipart create invitations resembling an Army recruitment poster. It should say, "I WANT YOU"¦ to come to my party". Under that, include the date, time, and address information. Put the invitations in camouflage envelopes and try to get military stamps from the post office. If you want to hand deliver your invitations, make them on a scroll complete with a wax stamp seal. This will help generate excitement about the party and give the guests a hint about what to expect at the party.

Décor: Purchase army recruitment posters similar to the invitations you made. Post at the entry to the party, and a few more in the vicinity of the party. With a quick internet search, you can find party supplies in a camouflage pattern. Paper plates, napkins, balloons, streamers, army hats, and many more supplies are available.

Goodie bags and party trinkets: Fill camouflage goodie bags with items like camouflage key chains and toys like miniature paratroopers, pencils and gliders. If it is ok with parents, you can add cap guns as well.

Cake: Make a regular sheet cake of vanilla with white or cream cheese icing. Using colored sugar in shades of brown and green create a camouflage pattern on the cake. Top the cake with little green army men.

Get the Party started: Have a recruitment table set up at the entrance before your guests arrive. Be very serious and scowl a bit like an army officer in the movies. As people enter, have him or her stand at attention and look them over. Then ask them a few silly questions with a straight face. Say things like, "What's your name solider (or maggot)?", and have them answer you with "Sir, yes sir!" If they are difficult, have them do pushups. Once you are satisfied with your new recruit, put a camouflage friendship bracelet on their wrist, and a toy dog tag around their neck. Be age appropriate with your ribbing so you do not scare small children.

Age appropriate Party Activities:

For small boys under 10, a controlled game of tag with water guns (camouflaged, of course) will keep the kids busy for a couple of hours. Have them dress appropriately.

For Pre-teens and young teenagers, set up an obstacle course, and have the guests climb rope walls, race through paths set up with cones, crawl under nets, and run through tires. When the party is over you will have exhausted yet happy children.

For older teenagers or even adults you have several options. You can host the party at a paintball gun venue. They should have a party area were you can welcome guests, and eat and open presents after the intense competition. A shooting range is another location you can use. Finally, you may want to make the party last all weekend at a survival camp, or a small camping trip with friends.

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