Boys Slumber Party Idea

Have a boys slumber party. Easy idea for a fun night of controlled craziness for preadolescents.Child-centered activities to keep boys busy during a sleepover.

Here's a great idea for a boys' slumber party. This plan works best for eight to twelve year olds. Younger children don't do as well in large groups, and older children probably just won't be interested.

First, plan a menu that allows for the boys to help you in the food preparation process. English muffin pizzas work well for this. You'll need plenty of English muffins, spaghetti sauce, mozzarella cheese, pepperoni, and other assorted pizza toppings. Let the boys build their own pizza muffins. Next, place the pizzas on a cookie sheet, and bake at 350 until the cheese has melted. Serve pizzas on paper plates with a beverage of choice served in disposable cups.

For desert, let the boys make root beer floats. You will need large disposable cups, rootbeer, and vanilla ice cream. Let the boys scoop their own ice cream into their cups. Pour in the root beer and let them enjoy.

Quiet the boys down for a while by showing a rented video. Be sure to choose one that is age appropriate. Try to get a new release that none of your guests have seen, yet. You can also rent an old classic like the original King Kong or the original Mighty Joe Young. The boys will be fascinated by the old flick. They may laugh, but they'll enjoy it.

Now break out the board games. Give the boys a choice of Monopoly, Risk, Yahtzee, and other favorite games. Let them play in one large group or in small groups, depending on interests.

When the boys lose interest in board games, invite them to regress a little. Cover your kitchen table with shaving cream and let them make a clean mess. They'll soon have shaving cream beards and white foamy hands. The shaving cream smells clean and fresh. It also cleans your table. When the boys are done, supervise as they wash hands and faces.

Have them change into their pajamas. Make popcorn and juice for them. Invite them to tell scary stories around the kitchen table. Turn off the lights and give them a few flash lights. If you plan to stay right with them, instead of flash lights, you can light a few candles to set the spooky mood.

Break out the sleeping bags and brush those teeth. It's time for bed, even if they aren't going to sleep. Let them play cards or share trading cards, but be sure they know it is now time to sit down and calm down.

Go to bed. Just because they are going to be up all night giggling and talking, doesn't mean you have to be up all night. Besides, you'll want to get some rest so you can make them all breakfast in the morning.

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