How To Braid Hair

Here's how to braid hair to create beautiful hairstyles with five different braids, the French braid, simple braid, German braid, inside out braid and fishbone braid.

Braiding is a fun and fashionable way to do hair. There are several types of braids. This article will tell you how to do a simple braid, a French braid, an inside out braid, a German braid and a fishbone braid.

To do a simple braid pull all the hair back, you may want to secure it with a rubber band. Divide the hair into three sections. Take the right section of hair over the middle section, now take the left section over the middle one. Alternate the right and left sections until you reach the end of the hair. Now band or clip it to keep it in place.

A French braid is the next most popular braid. To do this braid, start at the very top and take three small, but equal sections of hair from the front. Begin braiding by moving the right to the middle and then the left. In your right hand pick up a little more hair and move this into the middle. With your left hand pick up more hair and move it to the middle. Continue alternating, each time picking up a little more hair on the side. When you come to the bottom of the head you should have picked up all the hair. Now just continue with the rest of the hair like the simple braid. This braid will probably take a great deal of practice. Some hints to make this braid look good are to begin the braid with most of the hair from the top of the head and then each time you gather more hair get even amount all the way down.

An inside out braid is basically a French braid done inside out. Gather the first three sections of hair, but instead of going over the middle section go under and make sure it is pulled kind of tight, but be careful not to pull hard on the scalp. Continue by picking up a little more hair each time and taking each section, alternating right and left, under the middle one. This will produce a braid that sticks out off the head.

A German braid is done by taking a section just above one ear and braiding over to the other ear. Like the French braid you gather more hair each time you move the sections to the middle, but with this braid you only gather a very tiny amount of new hair. Only pick up the areas of hair right next to the braid. Continue over the head to the other ear and then down to the end of the hair and band or clip. This headband effect will hold all the hair out of the face even though most of it still loose.

A fishbone braid is done by dividing all the hair into two sections. Take a very small section from the top of the right side and add it to the left. Don't keep it separate after that. Take a small section of hair from the top left and add it to the right. Continue to go back and forth working all the hair in. Keep it tight. Work down the head and continue in the same way until you have reached the bottom of the hair, band or clip. This braid is very impressive looking especially if use very tiny amounts of hair, but it can take a very long time to complete.

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