Brazilian Wax - What To Expect

Bikini waxes are out and Brazilian waxes are in. If you want to go hairless, here's what to expect.

Nowadays, a woman (or man) can get almost any hair waxed off her body. We all go in and get our lip waxed, our legs waxed, our underarms waxed and even our eyebrows waxed. Women will spend the money waxing, over shaving, because waxing pulls the hair out by its root, without leaving behind the annoying hair bumps that shaving will. When we wax unwanted hair, it stays away longer than when we shave and the hair grows back softer. Once bikini season starts approaching, women swarm into salons to get their bikini line waxed, but some women want it ALL taken off. This is what is known as a Brazilian wax. With a Brazilian wax, hair is removed from all over our crotch region, including just inside the labia and our butt (yes, there is hair down there). You can either go totally bald (no hair anywhere) or have a triangle of hair or a landing strip (a rectangle) directly above the lips.

Before you just waltz into any old salon, research. You want to go with a salon that specializes in waxes, especially the Brazilian wax (many salons do not offer this, so you need to check). Since you will be dealing with your nether regions, choose a salon that is sanitary, even if it costs a few bucks more. If you normally shave your pubic hair, let it grow out a little bit (normally around a half an inch, but talk to the salon first to see what they recommend). The wax will need something to hold onto, not just a small nub of hair.

This is not the time to wear your sexy satin thong underwear. Wear some comfortable cotton panties, even if they're the old granny style, so your crotch can breathe easier after the waxing. When you arrive at the salon, the person who waxes you will have you strip from the waist down. This person will see parts of your body that only your significant other may see, so now is not the time to be shy. You will get up on a table similar to one at your doctor's office. It will more than likely have paper on it, just like the doctor's office table, which will be discarded after you've been on it. You will lie on your back and the person who waxes you may or may not sprinkle you with baby powder. It depends on the salon.

Your butt will probably be the first thing waxed. The wax is heated in a special warming unit and spread over the area to be waxed with a small wooden stick. Then a rectangular piece of cloth is placed over the wax and smoothed down for a few seconds before it is ripped off, hair and all. Either you will hold your knees up to your chest or you may be asked to get on all fours for this part. Oddly enough, this is probably the least painful waxing.

Then you will be waxed from your thighs inward, until you finally get the inside of your labia waxed. This may be the most painful part of the entire waxing, but, trust me, it is not as bad as people will tell you it is. Waxing is like having a Band-Aid taken off. It stings for the split second it is ripped off and then it feels fine again. If you keep this in mind, you will be just fine. You will be asked if you want to go all bare or have a strip of hair left over your lips. Once the waxing is all done, the salon worker will tweeze out any rogue hairs. At this point, she may or may not apply some type of aloe or lotion to promote healing. The entire process is usually well under fifteen minutes. You may have a few little blood bubbles at the hair roots from the waxing, but this is normal.

You will need to apply some type of fragrance-free lotion (like Lubriderm) daily to prevent ingrown hairs or bumps. Some salons even suggest you loofah the area. The wax, which will make you feel fresher and cleaner than you ever have, will last between one to two months before the hair starts to sprout back up.

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