Break In Your Combat Boots

You'll never wear your combat boots until they're comfortable, and this is the fastest and easiest way to break them in.

Combat boots are great shoes. They go anywhere, through any conditions. And you just can't kill them. Unfortunately, you may feel like they're trying to kill your feet. But a little effort on your part can tame your boots.

First, when you buy a pair of combat boots, make sure you get a good fit. A competent salesperson can be of great help in this regard. Don't get a pair that's too large, because the leather will stretch a bit as you wear them. When you go to purchase a pair, wear fairly thick socks like you will be wearing normally with the shoes.

When you get your new boots home, you're going to want to start wearing them right off. Wear them around the house until you are certain the fit is good. If you don't scuff the shoes, the store will usually take them back and let you exchange them for a new pair.

Before you wear your new boots out, flex the leather as much as you possibly can. If you've bought a good pair, you won't be able to bend them much, but you should at least try. You want to give special attention to the toe and heel areas. Generally the heel will have double the leather and this is the area that will give you the most trouble.

You are going to need to put Band-Aids on your heels and wear two pairs of socks while you're trying to break the shoes in. Wear them every day, for short periods of time, increasing the time each day. You can buy leather conditioner and work it into the places of the boots that are giving you the most trouble.

A shoe repair shop can be of great benefit as well. If your boots chafe or squeeze your toes, a shoe repair shop will be able to use a wedge to stretch the shoe enough to make them comfortable. This should cost you very little money. Take the shoes in with you and make sure the salesperson is aware of exactly where the shoe is bothering you. Often the boot can be stretched in that specific area, while you wait.

Steel toed boots can be very useful, especially on the job, but they can cause you additional problems. In this case, make sure you are fitted by a professional. This will save you much heartache down the line. You'll never wear down steel toes. That's the point, but if you wear thick socks, it can help you out in this case.

But the only way you are ever going to get your boots completely comfortable is to wear them. This will help them adjust to your feet and will eventually turn them into some of your most comfortable shoes.

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