About the Breast Cancer Walk in Virginia

By Rhonda Campbell

  • Overview

    The American Cancer Society sponsors the "Making Strides Against Breast Cancer" event that takes place in Richmond, Virginia. The walk is used to increase awareness around breast cancer and to raise money to help find a cure for the disease. Women and men alike are invited to participate in the walk. In 2007 the walk raised more than $50 million around the United States and had more than 500,000 participants.
    About the Breast Cancer Walk in Virginia
  • History

    The American Cancer Society leads all other organizations in the United States' in regards to providing monies for private, nonprofit cancer research. Since 1946 The American Cancer Society has raised over $3.1 billion and helped patients, hospitals, care centers, etc. Nationally the "Making Strides Against Breast Cancer" walk started in 1993. Since its inception the walk has raised more than $340 million dollars with the efforts of more than four million walkers. More than 7,500 people participated in the 2008 walk in Virginia that raised more than $575,000. Mothers and daughters participate in the walk together. Breast cancer survivors don their sneakers and sweats and get in the walk alongside family and friends.
  • Significance

    In 2006 event and organization volunteers worked to keep the bill that calls for insurance companies to cover the cost of mammograms alive. The bill is active in 49 states in America. In 2008 the University of Richmond's women's lacrosse team participated in the walk. The athletes and coaches raised $3,700. Virginia also offers support to women, men and family members and loved ones through medical facilities that work to increase awareness about the disease, healthy lifestyle habits and meeting the challenges of breast cancer. Although progress continues to be made in the field of medicine, in 1996 in Virginia about 4,500 new breast cancer cases were discovered. Over 1,000 people succumbed to the disease that same year. Only lung cancer claimed more women's lives in Virginia in 1996 than did breast cancer.

  • Registration and More Information

    Former participants can visit the American Cancer Society website and use their previous login and password to learn more about the walk and other services the American Cancer Society offers. New registrants can visit the American Cancer Society website and click "My Participant Center" in order to register to gain more information about breast cancer through the website. There is no fee or pre-registration required to participate in the actual walk. Participants can walk as individuals or as teams. Some of the top teams that participated in the 2008 walk include Flock of Friends and We're Better Together.
  • Time Frame

    The 2008 Richmond, Virginia Breast Cancer Walk was held between 1:00 p.m. and 1:30 p.m. in mid-October. The run is five miles long. Participants can register the morning of the walk starting at 8:00 A.M. The 2008 walk was held at Kanawah Plaza in downtown Richmond. The walk went down West Commerce Road around to Robert E. Lee Bridge toward East Main Street then down toward East Canal Street. Details on the route for the 2009 walk will be announced shortly and provided the morning of the walk.
  • Benefits

    Money raised from the walk helps to pay for services and works offered through the American Cancer Society such as research, 24-hour cancer hotline, radiation treatment, community programs and services, efforts for increased public policies that benefit people challenges with breast cancer and their families and loved ones.
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