Breast Feeding Clothing Tips

Tips and suggestions for clothing for the mother who is breast feeding her infant.

Nursing moms have special considerations when it comes to clothing choices. A nursing mom is going to feel better about herself if she looks good and doesn't have to worry about embarrassing leakage of breast milk. These suggestions will help the mother who breastfeeds choose a wardrobe that will suit all her needs.

1. Choose washable fabrics. Make sure that everything you wear is washable, and only needs ironing as maintenance, if that. Leaks on a washable cotton dress are much easier, and cost-effective to deal with than leaks on a silk tunic.

2.Consider warm-up suits and sweatsuits. These loose cotton clothes are ideal for the postpartum wardrobe with adjustable waistlines and pullover tops, not to mention their comfort factor.

2. Wear breast pads. Choose either washable or disposable breast pads depending on your individual needs. Breast pads will prevent milk from leaking through as long as they are changed as soon as they are wet. Otherwise, you risk the chance of moisture leaking through.

3. Choose loose and flowing or thick fabrics. Cottons and synthetic fabrics will stand up the best to leakage, while silk and linen are easily stained beyond repair. Clingy materials will end up showing the outline of your breast pads, nipples or nursing bras.

4. Wear fabrics that have a bright or dark print for more formal occasions. Leakage on printed blouses shows through far less obvious and quickly than leakage on solids. Prints also help to hide the outline of nursing bras, pads and nipples. Whites and pale colors are the most revealing and should be avoided.

5. Wait on those pre-pregnancy clothes items. Trying to squeeze into your pre-pregnancy wardrobe may not only be impossible, but depressing. Most likely you are at least a few pounds heavier, and clothes that strain with popping buttons are unflattering on any woman.

6. Make button front blouses and pullovers a staple of your wardrobe. Not only are their comfortable, but you can nurse discreetly. A button front blouse can be unbuttoned from the bottom, and a pullover will cover your breasts while baby's body covers your midriff.

7. Keep a shawl, blanket or large scarf handy. If you're in the middle of nursing and someone comes to the door unexpectedly, you can quickly cover-up and drape it over your shoulders and the baby.

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