Breast Feeding Twins

Breast feeding twins is very doable and quite a pleasure as well. Breastfeeding your twins will be a memory to last a lifetime.

It's small wonder that some parents don't believe breastfeeding twins is possible. With the odds already against parents in our bottle-oriented society, it may seem easier to just bypass the nursing part and make life a bit simpler.

But feeding two babies isn't easy no matter how you do it. Bottle or breast, both involve time and commitment to your babies' well-being.

Some real advantages of breastfeeding twins is that both babies can be fed at the same time in your arms. With bottles it is a little trickier and involves more of a balancing act and doesn't come as naturally. We only have two arms and to bottle-feed two babies while holding them requires four arms.

The key to successfully breastfeeding twins is getting off to a good start. Being sure your babies are latched on properly and not causing any soreness will likely extend the time you feel comfortable breastfeeding.

In the beginning it is usually easiest to nurse one baby at a time if you can manage it. Though it can be tricky to be sure the other baby is quiet while nursing one, it will make the transition into nursing two together more manageable. If you have had other babies and nursed them before, then nursing twins won't seem so impossible.

Once your babies have the skill to nurse efficiently, you can begin the juggling act of knowing who needs to be fed and when. Some mothers of twins will keep a notebook of who nursed when and how often and from which breast. It is good to alternate breasts with each baby so they can both get a combination of fore and hind milk that may be present in the other breast.

Watching how many wet diapers each baby has is important when breastfeeding twins as well. This will tell you if your babies are getting enough to eat at each feeding. The rule of thumb of 4-6 wet diapers a day holds true for all babies.

A nursing pillow designed just for twins is also an advantage. Some come with additional back rests to prop you forward so latching the babies on is easier. A variety of companies sell these. I find the larger ones the best and easiest to use. Just be sure you have all you need before sitting down to nurse as you could be unable to move for 20 minutes or more. So grab your cordless phone, large glass of water and some reading material if you desire, and delight in the beauty before you of nourishing two babies at your breast.

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