Breast Feeding Vs. Formula Feeding

When you have a newborn baby to feed, your options are clearly defined: Either you breast feed or you feed your baby formula, or you can combine the two. Here are the facts.

When you have a newborn baby to feed, your options are clearly defined: Either you breast-feed or you feed your baby formula, or you can combine the two. The Food Issue is the most controversial decision you will make in your foreseeable future as a mother. Aside from deciding whether you want to have a natural childbirth or have help from drugs, this is your first serious judgement call as a mother.

One thing that the Food Issue has in common with choosing whether or not to have a drug-free delivery is the fact that everyone you meet has an opinion about it. The only one who should be asking what your choice will be is your doctor. That way you can have the proper information on how to administer the feedings.

I chose to bottle feed my child. And I recieved so much negative reactions it has prompt me to write serveral articles on the issue plus I try to voice my opinion as much as possible. When you find out that you are going to be a mother you are scared and excited during the nine months of pregnancy.

The last thing you need is people telling you that the decisions that you have made are wrong. You haven't even experienced the true benenfits of being a mother and you feel that you have already failed. I searched and searched for information on bottle feeding my child but everyone I asked always promoted breast feeding. I did not find out information regarding bottle feeding until after I had my child and one of the nurses provided me with information.

I am not trying to knock breast-feeding. For those women who get up and feed their child every 3 hours and the go back to work after 6 weeks and continue to breast-feed, more power to you. I am just trying to get a point across that just because I chose not to breast feed that doesn't mean I denied my child the proper nutrients.

I have listened to serveral stories from women who have tried to breast feed and they couldn't produce enough or they were in extreme pain. And they always felt that the were letting their child down. I don't think that we should be pressured to feel that if we can't or don't breast-feed then we are wrong and that our child is paying for our decision. What ever you decide, it should be what is comfortable with you. I have learned so much with my first child. I wouldn't call them mistakes because every decision that I made my heart was in the right place and I learned from them. If you love you child then there is no wrong way choice. Life is a learning experience and having

children is the biggest experience of all.

If you are leaning toward formula feeding you can feel intimidated by the opinions of people surrounding you. Non-nursing mothers often feel obligated to fabricate some medical excuse for their failure to folow "Nature's Plan". To put it simply- MOTHERS DON'T HAVE TO BE PERFECT, JUST GOOD ENOUGH!

Below are some possible benefits of bottle feeding.

-Longer satisfaction for the baby

-Easy monitoring of intake

-More freedom for the mother

-More participation for father and older siblings

-Fewer demands

-No interference with fashion

-Fewer dietary demands and restrictions

-Less stressful feedings in public

-No interference with lovemaking

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