Breastfeeding: Ways To Produce More Milk

Worried that you may not be producing enough milk to breastfeed your baby? Try one of these simple ways to produce more breast millk.

When mothers decide they want to breastfeed their babies once they are born, one of the questions they ask the most is, "What if I can't produce enough milk for my baby?" This should not be a concern for most mothers, as long as they make sure that breastfeeding their new baby is at the top of their list of priorities. This does not mean you can't go back to work ever; it simply means you need to keep your breastfeeding priorities in check. If you are afraid your baby is not gaining the weight she should be gaining because you are not producing enough milk, always consult your doctor first and foremost. Otherwise, here are some simple ways you can produce more milk for your infant.

* One of the simplest ways to produce more milk is to make sure that, in addition to taking care of your new baby, you are also taking care of yourself. Sure, we all have stress in our lives, but if you have more than the usual amount of stress, make sure you find a way to alleviate it. Also, you will want to exercise (when the doctor advises you that it is all right to do so) and eat a healthy and balanced diet.

* As tempting as it may be, do your best not to resort to bottles or pacifiers. You may need to use a bottle to feed your baby if you go back to work or if you are separated from your baby, but try to breastfeed your baby whenever possible.

* As far as separation from your baby goes, it is completely fine to go back to work (as long as you make sure to pump), but you will not want to be separated from your baby for too often or too long. This is not the time for you and your husband to take that week-long trip to the Caribbean. As long as you are breastfeeding, stay close to your baby.

* Many experts agree that having skin to skin contact with your baby when breastfeeding her will increase your milk supply, as well as allow for more intimate bonding. When she is breastfeeding, instead of wrapping her up in a blanket, let her skin touch yours.

* Another simple way to produce more milk is to "think milky baby thoughts." Sounds cheesy, but some mothers say it works. Rub your baby's forehead and feel your baby's soft skin. If you focus on your baby and think of your breasts emitting the milk, you should produce more milk.

If you are away from your baby and need to pump for milk, do it frequently. It is frequency, not for how long that counts

* Don't wait until your breasts feel like they are completely going to explode because they are so full of milk before you decide to breastfeed your baby. Increase the frequency of your breastfeedings and nurse as long as your baby wants. You do not have to set a specific amount of time for your baby to breastfeed. When she is full, she will let you know.

* You can also try switch nursing. When your baby is starting to tire of drinking from one breast, switch her over to your other breast so she can breastfeed from there.

* If worse comes to worse and you are still having a hard time breastfeeding, try consulting a lactation counselor, who may be able to help you with the correct breastfeeding form and better latching on techniques.

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