British Slang Words

British slang, contrary to popular opinion, is not a lower-class trait. It stems from Shakespeare to Chaucer and encompasses nearly every generation of human speech. Learn to sound like a regular Brit mate!

British slang, contrary to popular opinion, is not a lower-class trait. It stems from Shakespeare to Chaucer and encompasses nearly every generation of human speech. From Cockney rhyming slang to short-lived colloqialisms, England contains a mixture of euphenisms that often leave Americans scratching their heads. These words are not so hard to learn, however. Watch a bunch of really bad British movies, throw on your most pompous English accent, and use the following slang dictionary to sound like a wanky Brit, mate:

absobloodylootely: absolutely

after: bars open after normal closing time

all over the gaff: unorganized

arse: butt

arse-over-tit: drunk

ballistic: wild

bangers: sausages

barmy: crazy

behave: more! (Think Austin Powers.)

bob: shilling

blimey!: Oh geez!

bloke: a male

bobby: policeman

brilliant!: great! awesome!

cabbage: a slow person

cack: crap (What a load of cack, mate!)

cakehole: mouth (Shut your cakehole!)

Charlie: crack, cocaine

chips: french fries

chunder: to throw up

ciggy: cigarette

claret: blood (They were copping it up, claret all over the place!)

cop a feel: to feel someone up

to cop it: to get in trouble

copper: policeman

Crikey!: My God!

damage: cost

Dicky: feeling unwell

doddle: something easy (It was a doddle to get the Charlie.)

dodgy: shady

done over: beat up (He was done over by that bloke.)

Doris: a plain woman

dosh: money

duck and dive: to run from the police

earner: a dishonest laborer

eppy: a fit

faced: drunk

five finger discount: shoplifting

flim-flam: crap (Cut out this flim-flam, you wanker!)

flippin: freakin'

folding: paper pound-notes

For crying out loud!: For God's sake!

Frenchy: a french kiss

full monty: the entire take, all that is desired

funny farm: a mental institution

gab: to talk a lot

gander: to look at

geezer: an old man

get the nod: to get permission

git: an unlikeable person

gob: mouth

goppin': gross

greaser: a 50's style person, usually a man

grub: food

gutted: choked up (He was gutted at the funeral, mate.)

hacked off: annoyed (He was really hacked off at that copper.)

having it off: a term for intercourse

headcase: a nutcase

hold it down: keep the noise down, control yourself

hooter: nose

ickle: small, tiny (I like that an ickle bit, mate.)

iffy: doubting, doubtful

in stook: in financial trouble (Your uncle's in stook, mate.)

inside: imprisoned (Barry's inside again.)

jammy: lucky

jar: a pint of beer

jock: a Scottish man

jugs: breasts

juiced up: very drunk

kick it off: start something, a fight with another Brit perhaps

kip: sleep (I need some kip, mate.)

knackered: tired

knock-up: to wake someone up

lairy: loud, brash

larging it: to live large

lip: smart talk

loaded: very rich

lock-in: a term for late-hours in a pub

lolly: money

lost the plot: gone mad (That nutter's completely lost the plot!)

malarkey: stuff and nonsense (What a load of malarkey!)

mate: address for a friend

mental: crazy

miffed: fed up

minger: an unattractive girl

mint: great condition (That's mint, mate.)

mitts: hands

monkey: 500 pounds

moose: an ugly girl

mullered: drunk

munch: food (Time for munch, mate!)

naff: nasty, in poor taste (That's naff!)

nipper: a small child

nosh: food

nugget: a pound coin

nutter: a crazy person

offie: a place where off-license alcohol is sold

off your face: very drunk

out of the tree: nuts

parky: chilly (Parky weather today.)

plank, a fool

ponce: a slacker

ramped: drunk

rat-arsed: drunk

readies: cash on hand (Have any readies? I'm all out.)

ruck: a fight

rug: wig

salt: a loose woman

scrounge: to begg food, materials

shafted: screwed, betrayed

shag: sexual intercourse

shell-like: ear (Can I have a word in your shell-like?)

skirt: a young woman

snog: a french kiss

squire: a term for a working man

sussed out: figured out

tanked: drunk

toerag: a tramp

tom: a prostitute

tooled: drunk

top!: wonderful

trainspotter: a nerd, geek

trots: an upset stomach

up for it: enthusiastically available

up the duff: pregnant

wank: to masturbate

wedge: money

wind up: to tease

This dictionary is by no means exhaustive, but it should give you an idea of the most common British slang terms and their proper use. So get off your duff, you wanker, and grab the full monty! Good luck!

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