Bruno Pieters Fashion And Style

Bruno Pieters is a young, fresh Belgium designer who graduated from the prestigious Royal Academy of Antwerp and who launched his career in 2001.

One of the youngest and freshest faces on the runway, Bruno Pieters, graduated with honors from the prestigious Royal Academy of Antwerp, Belgium in 1999. He then carried out training courses at Martin Margiela, Joseph Thimister and Christian Lacroix, before launching his own collection in Paris in July 2001. He also worked as a freelance designer for companies such as New York Industry (Milan) and Antonio Pernas (Madrid).

He has described himself as patient and is not looking to be a star. His collections are often based on a specific theme. His first collection took on the look of just one silhouette. His second collection presented in January 2002, concentrated on the behavior and feel of the cocktail fashion and the blouse. He has also presented collections based on the unicorn, symbol of beauty, eternal youth, peace, individuality, and also of loneliness, treason and fraud. Focusing on one specific theme is for Bruno an interesting working method and way of building up a collection. He works between the worlds of reality and romanticism, practicality and art.

Bruno launched his career in haute couture collections during the Paris Couture Week in 2001. He titled his collection "˜Part I: Daywear, the suit. The collection of only twelve pieces was a presentation based around one single item such as a suit - or a blouse - only differing in fabric, cut and color. It was inspired by the fashions of the fifties. It emphasized the repetitive, linear approach and could be described as cold-romantic. The collection was chosen by the magazine "L'officiel" for the "˜best presentation'. Suzy Menkes from the Herald Tribune described Bruno as "an intriguing new talent".

In January 2002, he presented his second haute couture collection titled "Part II: Cocktailwear, a study on the blouse". He presented a complete collection in March 2002 in Paris at "˜Le Petit Palais', featuring the bomber jacket, draped dresses and he gave special attention to knitwear.

He quickly abandoned haute couture in favor of ready-to-wear, which he launched in 2003 in Paris at 'Espace Topographie de L'art'.

His spring/summer 2004 collection was inspired by Pieter's penchant for technique and craftsmanship. The "˜under construction' collection included draped silk chiffon blouses, handcrafted pleated miniskirts, and skinny suede pants under loosely knitted cardigans. Bruno also experimented with leather incrustations on jersey tops and sweaters. With this collection Bruno Pieters returned to his roots as a couturier and his preference for a light, slim and intricate silhouette.

Pieters' fall 2005 collection presented in Paris in February was inspired by the films of Jean Cocteau, and their elements of drama and dreaminess. Aspects of the twenties and Art Deco patterns were evident in the hairstyling, but little else carried this theme. It was a delicate collection all in champagne, pale yellow and flesh tones inspired. Pieters worked on proportion and volume, pairing cropped spencers with low-slung skirts, or a stiff corset-like top with loose jodhpurs. His finest pieces have a timeless quality: light, feminine dresses, brocade coats, and pannier and bell skirts.

Pieter has also worked more recently with Delvaux, Europe's oldest leather house. His work in fashion has gone beyond the confines of the runway as he has designed costumes and masks for the theatre, T-shirts for charities and has participated in several fashion exhibitions around the world. Bruno is also an accomplished photographer and his work has been published in magazines such a Vogue and Stamm.

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