What Are Bubble Mailers & Bubble Envelopes?

By Christine Lehman

  • Overview

    What Are Bubble Mailers & Bubble Envelopes?
    Bubble envelopes are envelopes that are lined on the inside with bubble wrap. Bubble mailers and bubble envelopes are considered one in the same thing. Bubble mailers are often used to mail fragile items, because the air within the bubbles pads the contents of the envelope. They are also used to mail small objects, because bubble mailers are less expensive to mail than boxes.
  • Construction

    Bubble mailers are made from thick paper, known as kraft paper, that is resistant to tearing. Once the paper is torn, the plastic bubble wrap liner must be torn as well in order to harm the contents. Bubble mailers can also be made from poly material that is water and tear resistant. Each of these types of mailers claim to be recyclable. There are also bubble sleeves that can be slipped into regular envelopes. This way, there are no restrictions on the size of envelopes you purchase.
  • Cost

    Bubble mailers are more expensive when purchased individually. If you need a number of bubble mailers, it is more cost-effective to purchase an entire box of them from a warehouse club or an office supply store. Bubble envelopes are more expensive than regular mailing envelopes. So, if you are sending something that does not necessarily need cushioning, regular mailers are the way to go.

  • Size

    Bubble mailers are available in many different sizes. Selecting the proper size of bubble mailer for the object you are going to mail is important, because smaller envelopes cost less than large ones. There is a simple formula to calculate the size of the bubble mailer you will need based on the size of the object you want to mail. To calculate the width, measure the width of the object plus the thickness, then add a half an inch. To calculate the length, measure the length of the object plus the thickness, then add two inches.
  • Environmental friendliness

    Using bubble mailers may be more environmentally responsible than using too-large boxes. Envelopes take up less space than boxes so more items can fit on mail trucks. You can also make your own bubble mailers if you have scrapbooking paper (or something similar) and old bubble wrap.
  • Features

    Bubble mailers have self-adhesive closures, so you do not have to lick the envelope to make the flap tacky enough to stick. This makes bubble mailers secure and tamper-evident as well as easier and quicker to seal.
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