How to Build an Affiliate Review Website

By Angela Stringfellow

  • Overview

    Many people have found a way to earn a living, working from home on the Internet. Still more people have a desire to do so, but don't know where to start. There are actually many ways to earn money working on the Internet, but one of the easiest ways is to set up an affiliate review website. Here are some helpful guidelines.
    • Step 1

      Choose the affiliate programs you want to review. It is best to stick with a niche area, so that all the content on your website will be related. This will help you gain better search engine positioning. For example, you may choose to focus on diet programs. You'll want to research and sign up with several diet affiliate programs available on the Internet.
    • Step 2

      Set up your website using your HTML editor. Start by creating a template that will be the basic layout of your site. Websites with two or three columns are generally suitable for most purposes. Choose a color theme, and design your site based on that theme.

    • Step 3

      Once you have your basic template design, you'll want to save this HTML file as a template. You can do this by selecting "Save as Template" from the save menu in your HTML editor.
    • Step 4

      Within your template, identify the regions that you will want to remain exactly the same on all pages within your site. Set the other regions as editable. You will probably want the main content area on each page to be editable, so that you can provide different information on each page.
    • Step 5

      Start building your pages based on your template. Open a new HTML file based on your template, and save it as "Index." This will be your homepage. Now, open other HTML pages based on the same template, and save each page with a name that relates to the content that will be on the page. For example, you may be reviewing affiliate products on the ediets site and the Apple Patch Diet. You'll want to create an HTML file with a name similar to "ediets" and one with a name similar to "Applepatch."
    • Step 6

      Add the content to your pages, and be sure to include your affiliate links so that you will get proper credit and earn money if someone signs up for a diet program from your website. It is always best to be able to speak from personal experience, so you should probably have tried the products yourself, or at least know someone who has. If you know someone who has used the product, you can interview him for information, or even include testimonial quotes on that page of your site.
    • Step 7

      Upload your finished site to the Internet. You can use free software, such as Core FTP, to upload your files to your server. Once your page is up, you should monitor your traffic, using a free program, such as Google Analytics, and take steps to generate traffic to your site. It is important to keep your content fresh and relevant, so you'll want to update your pages frequently, and you may decide to add more affiliate products later.
    • Skill: Moderate
    • Tip: It is better to be a specialist than a generalist. Try to stick with one niche. If you have a strong interest in several areas, you might consider setting up separate websites for each topic.
    • Warning:
    • If you choose a very popular niche that already has many websites based on it, it will be harder to get your site to appear higher in the search engine rankings.

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