How to Build an All-Pro Sports Website

By Billy Kirk

  • Overview

    Developing a successful all-pro sports Website will take time and some money, but following a number of basic steps, ranging from design development to social marketing, will help ensure you make the contacts necessary to make it happen.
    • Step 1

      Register a domain name for your all-pro sports Website. There are several services to use, but one of the best is GoDaddy, which offers $9.95 a year domain name registration. Pick a site name and register it with GoDaddy or a similar service. Have your debit/credit card on hand to make your payment, then verify your request via the automated email message it will send.
    • Step 2

      Pay or utilize server space. With a professional, all-pro sports Website potentially serving thousands, you will need your own dedicated server space. Choose a hosting service and decide the specifications of the server you will need to power the traffic coming to your site. Keep in mind server space will require an additional monthly bill.

    • Step 3

      Point your Website to your server. Acquire the server locations from your server provider and incorporate them into your GoDaddy account. These locations can be provided by your server provider, and will read, for example, and Go into GoDaddy and click on "Hosting" and then "My Hosting Account" to access the area where you will input this information.
    • Step 4

      Produce a sports-themed Website design. Depending on your expertise, you will want to have this designed for you, either by a talented friend or by otherwise outsourcing the design to a Website designer. With your all-pro Website, it will be important that you have multiple separate pages, or channels, covering the different professional leagues, as well as a central hub, or home page, that provides a unified front for all this information. A top or sidebar listing that provides links to the league you are covering will be key.
    • Step 5

      Add a highlight system to your site. A highlight system utilizes swappable graphics that act as images linking to your featured articles on your sports network. You will want to have this highlight system available on your home page, as well as separate, specified highlights located on each of your individual league pages. These should be located near the top of your pages, as you will want your featured articles to have the most immediate exposure.
    • Step 6

      Use Digg and similar Web 2.0 social marketing systems, such as Twitter and Facebook, to provide exposure for your articles. Encourage users to Digg your stories. Also, create Facebook and MySpace groups celebrating your Website's services.
    • Step 7

      Utilize the word of mouth and increased traffic numbers generated from your social marketing to get started with working with PR (public relations) specialists from the sports leagues you are covering. Each league will have PR firm representation. Depending on the league, contact the firms via email or phone and provide your site traffic statistics. In time you will become eligible for early press releases and exclusives, which will power your news.
    • Skill: Moderately Challenging
    • Ingredients:
    • Computer
    • Debit/credit card
    • Active phone line

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