How Do You Build A Boat?

How do you build a boat; read for tips to easy boat building.

The earliest means of boatbuilding were done by the use of body parts such as the hands and forearms for measuring certain lengths of a boat model. Other people used tiny pieces of sticks for the same purpose. Until recent developments were employed, boat designers make models of boats by having the lengthwise basic part of the boat called a keel, stems and its back part called sternposts be connected together in blocks,forming the middle section of the boat. Its rear section is also either being lifted to produce boats of various sizes. Its remaining parts are then later assembled including the floors and other parts of the hull.

In boatbuilding during the Medieval period,boats were modeled either through drawings or outlines of its hull called half models. Boatbuilders made rough drawings of the planned boat mostly during the 15th century. Another method which was used in the 17th century was called whole molding. It is a drawing done by the use of a compass to produce the contours of a boat. It mostly concentrates on the middle section of the boat giving way for the setting up of its frames. However, only a partial portion of the boat was also being drawn. Another technique called lofting is done in the same way except that the boat was completely drawn in its entire part. During the earlier years of the 18th century,boat models were done by carving boat replicas into a certain planned shape,depending on the creativity of is designer. Its hull is being sawed on what its designer wants it to look like and what the measure of its width was supposed to be.

Another technique developed during the middle part of the 1700s.This is where the model of a ship's hull was created using a blackboard connected together with thin pieces of planks,forming its frame. In 1795,a lift model was used. This is where two boards of equal sizes were cut and then shaped into the desired frame of the boat's hull by attaching pieces of sticks between them. The width of the crosswise section of the boat was then planned by drawing lines across the spaces between it. This method is widely used even during the present time for small boats.

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