How Do You Build A Dog Fence?

How do you build a dog fence? Before you start any dog house project, you must first figure out the dimensions you are going to work with. Whether you are looking for a professional to build your dog fence...

Whether you are looking for a professional to build your dog fence or you want to do-it-yourself, you will want to know how the construction phase works. Why? Because you're hard earned money is going into it. Also, time is of value in this kind of project. According to Mark Williams, a fencing estimator for six years, whether you decide you can build your dog fence or not, talk to a professional. They can always give you ideas on how to make a project easier. If you decide to go with a professional fencing company, the process will be similar to building a fence around your yard.

"What we'll do is we take panels. If it's going to be a completely portable one, what we'll do is we get the dimensions from our customers. How do they want them? We will measure them, and we will take our panels. We don't use any brackets to weld it together. We weld all bars and then put a primer coat on and a galvanized seal on top of it. Then, we make all of our panels in our shop. We roll them all together and stretch the chain link. We put everything together and then we deliver, or the customer picks them up using pre-assembled wood. They are shipped on a flat bed truck, and we will drop them off. They will have the top, bottom, and all the corners. The gate will also be included," Williams says.

Now, if you decide a do-it-yourself fence project is more your style, then Williams has some advice on that. You don't necessarily have to make your dog fence out of chain link; you can build it with wood, stone, or other materials. It's a matter of taste and how much money you are willing to pay.

"Set the corner poles the way you want your box to look. Once you have your corner poles set, run the strings. Then, stretch the gate post, stretch the chain link, or apply the wood as you would normally. It is almost impossible get a dog panel or to build one yourself the way we do it without welding. You can get dog panels like that from either Home Depot or Tractor Supply. If you assemble it, it will be just like doing a chain-link or wood fence. You can also do it in iron," Williams says.

If you don't feel like calling fencing experts for advice, you can always go to a hardware store and let customer service representatives know what you are doing. There should be someone there qualified to assist you in purchasing dog panels. Williams says if you get the chance, go to different stores. Ask them how they would build a dog fence. After you gather lots of information from everyone, you will see trends. You will also be able to better determine your wants and needs. Choose the fence you know your dog will be well protected in. Also, make sure it is escape-free.

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