How Do You Build A Handicap Ramp For Your Home?

How do you build a handicap ramp for your home? There are several things to consider before buidling a wheelchair ramp for your home. One of the most difficult things about handicap accessibility, particularly...

One of the most difficult things about handicap accessibility, particularly in an existing home, is providing a ramp into the house. The ramp has to be very low at a very specific degree of incline. This is important for the wheelchair to get up the ramp. It often takes a significant length of ramp to get a wheelchair up. It can end up consuming a fair amount of a person's front yard to provide a ramp. It's always an interesting problem to design a ramp that doesn't seem too obtrusive. Generally, the ramp would be wood or a modern sort of decking material. It should be running crossways with the ramp so that there is good traction. Lots of people will use the ramp to walk up and down. It is actually very convenient. Ramps are extremely convenient for children and elderly people. The building code requires an incline of five percent or less. So, to lift a wheelchair one foot, you might need about a 20 foot ramp. You can see how extensive a ramp would be. If the floor level is three feet above the yard, it could take a 60 foot ramp to get up to that level. I think in most cases, it's wise to call somebody. It's not unreasonable to get an architecture or designer to draw it. You can try to do it yourself, but it's a big project. A person should have a building permit to build the ramp because of what is involved. A professional is going to check it, and they will make sure it meets code specifications for handicap access. Any general contractor or deck contractor would have quite a bit of experience in building them.

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