How to Build a Music Website

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    Are you passionate about a specific type of music, musician or band? If you want to share your interest with others, building a music website can be fun, entertaining and even profitable. This need not be a difficult task if you know the right types of resources and are willing to put in the time and effort it requires to build a site that will appeal to those of similar mind.
    • Step 1

      Decide what the main theme of your music site will be. Do you want to focus on a particular genre of music? Do you want to highlight a favorite artist or band? It is very important to determine exactly what subject or idea you want to concentrate on in order to properly organize your website.
    • Step 2

      Find a Web host. There are several sites that offer free Web hosting and that provide you with anywhere from 100MB to 5,000MB of space (see Resources below). Some provide site-building tools to make it easier to create and organize your site. You usually have to use their domain name and, in order to get their service for free, you must agree to allow them to run ads on your site. It's worth it, however, in order to get hosting for your music website that costs you nothing.

    • Step 3

      Create content that is well-stated and that will hold the interest of your website visitors. Have a number of pages on your site, each featuring a different area or aspect related to the music, musician or band of your choice. For example, if your music site is about a specific band, have a page featuring the background information or history of that band and brief biographies of each member, another page with photos of the band, another page with discography, and so on. Your content need not be long in order to be effective. Too much wordiness will quickly bore people. Make certain that you check for spelling and grammatical errors.
    • Step 4

      Add extras to your music website that will make visitors want to stay longer and/or return. These should include things such as message boards or forums, a chat room, music downloads, concert event information, free games and the like.
    • Step 5

      Consider including banners and text ads related to the music genre, topics or artist that your music site is built around. There are a number of affiliate sites that allow you to sign up for free and promote applicable products and services on your site. Do not, however, overdo it by filling your site with so many ads that the main focus gets lost (see Resources below).
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