Build Your Own Dvd Shelves

How to build your own DVD shelving unit with instructions for building a case that will hold approximately 500 DVDs and CDs.

Your DVDs are piling up and you're appalled at the price of media shelves. If you've decided to build your own DVD case, your first consideration should be how many DVDs you currently own. You will also want to leave room for future purchases. You may also want to store VHS/video cassettes and CDs on the same shelves. Next you should choose the location where you will place the shelves and measure that space.

Now you have some measurements to work with. Knowing that an average DVD is ½ inch thick, a 36 inch shelf will hold approximately 72 DVDs. Each shelf should be 8 inches high. Make sure you account for the width of your boards when figuring the measurements for your DVD shelving.

Let's assume you'd like to build a 36 inch wide case with 8 shelves. The end result will be a case measuring 38 inches wide by 74 inches high. This case will hold 500 plus DVDs or CDs. Using 1x6 boards you will need 36 feet of 1x6 lumber and one 36 inch 2x6 to create a sturdy base. You will also need to buy a sheet of ¼ inch plywood for placing on the back of the case. Other materials needed include sand paper, 36 wood screws, a drill with the appropriate bit, a hammer, and small tacking nails. Soft white pine will work fine for this project and should be available for approximately 50 cents per board foot, making your cost for lumber around $20 not including the plywood backing. If you do not own a good saw for cutting the boards, many lumber suppliers will cut the boards to your specifications, but be sure they make precise measurements. Otherwise, your project will turn out lop-sided. You may need to do a bit of sanding to ensure smooth board endings for a tight fit.

Now you are ready to mark your boards for drilling. Begin with one 74 inch long side board and line up the 2x6 base board with the bottom edge. From there you will want to place a shelf every 8 ½ inch until you reach the top. Drill your holes and attach the boards using two wood screws per shelf. You can then flip the case over and attach the remaining side board, making sure to measure for proper shelf placement.

Once you've constructed the basic shelf frame, you are ready to attach the backing. Cut the plywood slightly smaller than the outside frame of the case, approximately ¼ inch. Using a hammer and tacking nails secure the plywood backing to all four sides of the case.

Now that your DVD shelf is complete, you may want to paint or stain it. Gather the needed supplies: paint or stain, paint brushes, staining rags, newspaper, something to stir with, and a screwdriver for opening lids. You'll definitely want to move your project outside for this stage to avoid breathing paint or stain fumes. Apply a coat, let dry and if you've gotten your desired result - "wah-la" you are the proud owner and creator of your very own DVD shelving unit. This is a project that can easily be completed in an afternoon with the addition of drying time for paint or stain.

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