How to Build a Photography Website

By Bennett Gavrish

  • Overview

    With an active web server and a program to edit HTML code, you can build a website that will show off your favorite photographs and images. The picture files will be stored on a directory in your web server, and then HTML code can be written to organize any desired images. Displaying pictures on the internet uses the "img" HTML element, which allows you to determine the placement and size of the picture you want to put on your website.
    • Step 1

      Create a folder on the root level of your web server and name it "images." This is where your digital photographs will be stored.
    • Step 2

      Copy the image files of the pictures you want to put online to the "images" folder of your web server.

    • Step 3

      Open your web editing application and create a new HTML file.
    • Step 4

      Type <img src="images/pic1" alt "first photo" /> into the body of the HTML code. Replace "pic1" with the exact file name of the photograph you want to post and change "first photo" to a short description of your image.
    • Step 5

      Use the "align" HTML attribute to affect where the photograph is placed on the page. Images can be placed at the top, bottom, middle, left or right.
    • Step 6

      Add width="100px" height="100px" to the HTML code from Step 4 to determine the size of the displayed image. Replace the numeric values with the desired width and height in pixels.
    • Step 7

      Repeat Steps 4 through 6 for any additional photographs that you want to add to the current web page.
    • Step 8

      Save the web page as a .html file and place it on the root level of your active web server. As long as the linked picture files are in the "images" folder, the photographs will be displayed on any modern web browser.
    • Skill: Moderate
    • Ingredients:
    • Active web server
    • Web editing program
    • Photos or images

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