How to Build a Photography Website Using Homestead

By Shawn M. Tomlinson

  • Overview

    Even great photographers may be frustrated when it comes to designing websites to display their work, market their businesses and get the kind of web traffic they need. High-end website design programs have steep learning curves, and some low-end software makes websites that can appear amateurish. Homestead makes it relatively easy and even can help with marketing.
    Photographer in the field
    • Step 1

      Choose your best photos, the ones you think will help people see just how good a photographer you are. Pick at least one that will be your welcome image, the one people will see when they first log on to your site. Then pick another 25 or so that show the different kinds of work you do, such as weddings, news or portraits. Try not to pick photos that are different people in the same poses or settings. Variety will sell.
    • Step 2

      Format your digital photos---from digital cameras or scans of prints or negatives---for the website. Tone them as you would for display on a computer screen, not for prints. Backlit photos will be brighter than prints, so take that into consideration. Size them as appropriate for the web. That generally means about 72 dots per inch resolution, but you could go up to 100 dpi. Full resolution photos will load slowly, so forget the 300 dpi standard for prints.

    • Step 3

      Write the basic story of your photo business in your favorite word processor. Simple is best. Don't glow or be unrealistic. Write the basics: When was the business started? What's your background? What do you specialize in? Where are you located? What services do you offer? Do you shoot in-studio photos only or do you go into the field?
    • Step 4

      Go to Homestead's website to get started. The company has a free trial period and many templates to choose from. Search through the Homestead library of templates. The company has a variety of predesigned sites that take little work to tweak them into shape for your photo business. Each of the website's templates offers spaces for photos and text, and each has several pages to organize the site to your liking. You can add text and images to any page on your website.
    • Step 5

      Publish your new website directly through Homestead with one button click. The service also offers PayPal buttons for direct purchases and custom e-mail addresses for you. You don't have to be a computer wizard to make all this look professional.
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    • Tip: While the do-it-yourself Homestead websites are easy to make, the company can help you if you get stuck or even design the site for you.

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