How to Build a Profitable Dating Website

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  • Overview

    No matter what shape the economy is in, people still want to find love, romance and companionship. Dating websites are among the most profitable businesses on the Internet, as individuals from all backgrounds seek to make connections in a safe, stress-free environment. You, too, can get in on the bonanza. Creating and managing your own dating website can be an enjoyable and profitable enterprise, if you know the appropriate steps to take to make it fun, interesting and marketable.
    • Step 1

      Decide what kind of visitors you want to attract to your dating website. Do you want to cater to an international audience of singles? Do you want to focus on a specific ethnic group, such as Latinos, Asians or African-Americans? Are you interested in offering your services to singles with special interests or hobbies? Choosing your niche market makes it much easier to determine what your goals are, and toward whom you want to gear your message.
    • Step 2

      Find a webhost for your dating website. If you don't have a lot of money to invest in an expensive website host, use a free host that allows you to upload your content, templates and other elements at no cost. The only drawback is that you have to let them run their own ads, which may end up being in direct competition with your business. Most of these hosting sites offer you the option of paying a small monthly or yearly fee to have their ads removed. If you have limited knowledge of how to create a website, it is best to use a host that provides helpful site-building tools to make it easier for you.

    • Step 3

      Write content that is chatty and interesting, but brief and to the point. Check for spelling and grammatical mistakes. If you are not good at creating content, think about getting someone who is more experienced to create it for you. Add graphics that add to, rather than overpower, your site.
    • Step 4

      Make sure the goals of your site, the nature of the dating program, the membership information, the terms of agreement and other details are clearly spelled out, to avoid any legal problems should members be dissatisfied with your service
    • Step 5

      Add extras to your site to keep visitors interested enough to stay, and to encourage them to keep returning. Effective additions might include a blog about topics related to dating, polls, video profiles, rules for safe dating, a chat, a newsletter for members, free email accounts, free classifieds, a members' forum and free games.
    • Step 6

      Sign up for a "turnkey" dating site, such as World Dating Partners, that is already set up. The script, graphics, design and payment methods are all in place; all you need to do is to customize the site by specifying your niche market, creating a site name (either using their domain or your own domain as a URL), selecting a color scheme and adding content where appropriate. You get paid a commission when people sign up to become paid members of your dating site. You check on the status of your commissions and member sign-ups, and update your site when needed, but everything else is handled by the company that runs the site. This is by far the easiest route to take if you want to create your own dating site without stress.
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    • Tip: It may be best to use a "turnkey" site if you lack the time, experience and/or patience to build your dating site from scratch.

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