Do You Build Two-Story Monolithic Dome Homes?

Do you build two-story monolithic dome homes? Monolithic dome homes can be built with as many stories as the owner wishes, but one should carefully consider why more than one floor is necessary. Floor plans...

Floor plans for monolithic dome homes are as varied as the people who buy them. The design and structure of a monolithic dome is much more versatile than that of a traditional home. Floor plan design can be adapted to almost any need, location or personal taste. Home buyers can choose to include a second floor which overlooks their scenic property, or can design a garage under their home so in order to avoid the harsh temperatures in cold climates.

"I have built some dome homes where the top floor looks out over the Grand Canyon and, well, I want that fourth story. If I needed ten stories and you could give me a good reason, I would build a ten-story," says David South.

David South is co-founder of the Monolithic Dome Institute and Monolithic Constructors, Inc. They developed, and hold the patent for, the process of building monolithic dome homes. Mr. South has been designing and building monolithic dome homes for almost 30 years. Some of their home designs include a 3000 square foot design in Colorado and the Yuma Dome, a massive 11,000 square foot home that houses multiple generations of the same family.

Pre-designed floor plans, available from the Monolithic Dome Institute, located in Italy, Texas include single level, full second and third story, and single level with a loft. Some designs are intended to be constructed with one level underground; others use the bottom level as a garage, with all the living space upstairs. Still other designs include space for interior courtyards with bedroom lofts overlooking a waterfall.

Home builders and buyers also have the option of take a week long class from the Institute on planning and designing monolithic homes, so that they may learn how to best design and build their own monolithic dome home.

The Institute will also, for a fee, review home builder's design before construction begins in order to ensure feasibility of the design.

There are many other companies that offer monolithic dome home design. Home buyers will find multiple two-story floor plans to fit their needs.

David South advises anyone who is considering building a monolithic dome home to carefully evaluate their current and future needs. Two-story homes cost more to build than single level homes. Buyers also need to consider the aging process and family needs.

People building the home they intend to retire in may want to rethink building a split-level home. "Because the next twenty years are going to go by faster, and they've got a stairway between them and their master bedroom. Eventually it's going to get harder and harder to get up those stairs to go to bed," says David South.

For those who decide a split level plan is the way to go, there are many options to consider. You can place some or all of the bedrooms on an upper level, stairways can be open spiral or enclosed. Loft designs seem to be popular. With a dome you can make the entire upstairs a loft overlooking an interior courtyard. You can design your home in whatever way works best for your family. Monolithic Home design is limited only by your imagination.

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