How To Build A Victorian Style Play House

Is your little girl dreaming of a play house? Here are do-it-yourself instructions for a Victorian style play house that can later be used a gardening shed or utility storage room.

The kids a re begging for a play house. The wife says it should be tasteful. You'd like to see it have a purpose. Building a play house can be a fun and simple project for the whole family and after the kids outgrow it, it can be utilized as a utility or storage shed.

The first step is to decide dimensions. To make the project easier and the structure more useful later, use regular size windows and doors and plan your measurements accordingly. Let's assume an 8 x 6 foot structure for these instructions. Your completed play house will have 48 square feet of play and storage space. Window boxes for flowers and gingerbread trim will turn your play house into a Victorian wonderland.

Here's what you'll need:

(2) 6X6 - 8 foot treated wood foundation

(4) 2x4 - 8 foot treated joists

(3) 2x4 - 12 foot treated joists

(2) ¾ inch plywood sheets

(1 box) #5 - 16d galvanized nails

(1 box) #5 - 8d nails

(6) 2x4 - 8 foot boards

(3) 2x4 - 12 foot boards

(20) 2x4 - 10 foot boards

(7) 3/8 inch siding sheets

(22) 2x4 - 8 foot ceiling joists

(1) 2x6 - 8 foot ridge board

(1) 2x2 - 12 foot nailler

(3) 7/16 inch plywood sheets

(6) 1x6 - 8 foot boards

(3 boxes) 3 tab shingles

(1) 15 lb. asphalt roofing felt

(1) 1x4 - 8 foot trim

(6) galvanized drip edges

(1 box) #5 10d nails

(1 box) #5 - ½ inch galvanized roofing nails

(2 boxes) #5 - 1 ¼ inch galvanized roofing nails

(8) 1x4 - 8 foot corner trim

(2) ¼ inch plywood sheets

(3) 1x4 - 10 foot door trim

(6) 1x6 - 10 foot window trim

(8) 1x1 - 8 foot stops

(3) .236 x 24 x 48 inch clear plexiglass

(34) ¼ x ¾ inch screen moulding

(1) 1x4 - 8 foot board

(1) ¾ inch plywood sheet

(2) 3 inch brass hinges with screws

(2) 2x6 - 8 foot treated wood

(1) 2x8 - 8 foot treated wood

(4) 2 ½ inch #10 wood screws

(2) 1x3 - 8 foot decorative gable trim

(2 rolls) construction adhesive

Your first step is the foundation. You will want to place the foundation wood 3 inches deep into the ground surrounded by clean fill. Next you're ready for framing with the 2x4s. Your playhouse will have a gabled roof with a height of 12 feet in the center. After framing the walls, you'll be ready to build frames for two windows and a door. After inserting plexiglass into window frames, you're next step is to create a door from the 3/4 inch plywood Now you can attach siding and you'll be ready to construct the ceiling and roofing. After framing the roof and nailing down the 7/16 inch plywood, you'll be ready to attach your drip edge and lay your shingles. Now all you need are the finishing touches including the two window boxes that will sit at the base of each front window. A little soil and a few petunias and you're little girl's dream house is ready to go.

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