How to Build a Website With Google

By Bennett Gavrish

  • Overview

    If you want to create your own website but do not have a lot of computer programming experience, then you should consider building a Google website. Building a website with Google is done directly through your web browser and does not require any HTML or other coding knowledge. After you design your web pages and add text, images and links, your site will be stored on Google's servers and can be accessed by any modern web browser from an address you choose.
    • Step 1

      Go to the Google Sites page (see Resources below) and log in with your Google account username and password.
    • Step 2

      Click the "Create Site" button to begin building your website and advance to the design setup.

    • Step 3

      Type a name for your new website. This site title will become part of the site's URL.
    • Step 4

      Enter a description of your new website and decide who can access it.
    • Step 5

      Select a color scheme for the basic design of your new website and then click "Create Site" to advance to the main design interface.
    • Step 6

      Click on the "Edit Page" button in the toolbar to begin designing your first web page. Add any desired text, images and links and then click "Save" to publish your design.
    • Step 7

      Go to in any web browser, replacing "title" with the name you chose in Step 3, to see the published website.
    • Skill: Moderately Easy

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