How to Build a Website From Scratch

By Cellina LaForey

  • Overview

    It is possible for you to build a Website from scratch with minimal expense. Not only can you save money by building your own site, once you learn the skill you can earn money by building Websites for others. It's not difficult to do as long as you take your time and plan it properly. As with any other skill, the more you work at it, the better you'll be come at building Websites from scratch.
    • Step 1

      Plan your Website. The most difficult part of building a website from scratch is the planning process. You have to decide the topic of your website, the format, the target audience, color scheme, navigation and more. The more time you spend in planning your Website, the less time you'll waste during the implementation process.
    • Step 2

      Find a Web host. There are two basic components of a Website: the actual web files and a server on which to host the files. When you build a Website from scratch, you must find a reliable host that will display your new Website.

    • Step 3

      Learn some HTML basics. While its not necessary to know each and every HTML coding tag, having a good understanding of the language will help you when building your Website from scratch. Even if you use HTML-editing programs such as Dreamweaver, every so often there comes a time when manual tweaking is necessary and knowing HTML will come in handy.
    • Step 4

      Implement user-friendly navigation. One of the quickest ways to force a visitor to leave your Website is to have a difficult-to navigate Website. When designing your site, make sure to implement a menu system that is intuitive and user-friendly. Visitors don't want to spend time guessing how to access pages on your site.
    • Step 5

      Utilize images. The Internet is a graphically oriented media. While quality content is king, images are queen. No matter what the subject of your Website, include quality images to complement the text. The trick with images is to make sure they complement and not detract from the text. Be careful using several busy animated graphics that distract the user from reading your text.
    • Step 6

      Create the files on your local computer to see how your Website will look. With your HTML-editing software, create a prototype of your Website from scratch on your local computer. Sample the navigation and confirm that the images display properly and complement your text. Make the appropriate changes until you are satisfied with they way your Website looks.
    • Step 7

      Learn about transferring files to the Web host. Once you've created the files for your Website, you have to transfer them to the Web host. Most hosting companies have a control panel through which you can upload your files. If you are not comfortable with uploading your Website through the control panel, FTP software such as WS_FTP allows you to transfer files from your computer to the Web host and visa versa.
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