How to Build a Website Using Dreamweaver

By Erica J. Thinesen

  • Overview

    Dreamweaver is computer software you can use to create a website. With easy to use templates and tools, you do not need to know complex computer code to get good results. Dreamweaver is for anyone with limited computer knowledge who wants to create a professional looking website.
    • Step 1

      Follow the instructions provided to install Dreamweaver on your computer.
    • Step 2

      Determine your website needs. Make a list of pages you want to include on your website. Visit other websites for inspiration. You may also want to decide on the types of images and text to use on your website.

    • Step 3

      Select a template from the list provided to begin creating a webpage. Some templates include placeholders for photos and other images while other templates include columns and rows to suit your needs.
    • Step 4

      Use the tools provided to create your webpage. Tools are similar to the ones found in Microsoft Word. Set up the number of rows and columns, spaces for headings and other parameters before adding text and images.
    • Step 5

      Add text and images to your webpage. Choose from a variety of font colors and sizes as well as background colors and shades. When finished, go to the "File" button at the top of the page and click "Save As." Name your page so you can save it.
    • Step 6

      Continue to create webpages for your website. When finished, review each page to make sure it's correct. Upload your finished pages using an FTP program or the FTP file manager provided by your Web host.
  • Skill: Moderately Easy
  • Ingredients:
  • Adobe Dreamweaver
  • Tip: Try different color and font combinations when designing your webpages.
  • Tip: Always save your work after making changes.

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