Building a Golf Tourney Website

By Nicholas Katers

  • Overview

    The common thread between the Buick Invitational, the Bob Hope Chrysler Classic and the Hilton Head Island Celebrity Invitational tournament is an effective website. Golf tourney organizers can alleviate worries about attendance and sponsorship by creating interactive websites for their events. The benefit of creating a great website for a golf tourney is the simplicity of changing dates, names and sponsors each year. Your golf tourney can attract attention from national and international fans of the sport with an online presence.
    Building a Golf Tourney Website
    • Step 1

      Work with a specialty website designer like TournEvents to get your golf tourney website started the right way. TournEvents provides affordable design services for charity, celebrity and professional golf tournaments around the world. Consult closely with your designer to negotiate details about the level of detail required on your website.
    • Step 2

      Acquire logos, links and contact information from your sponsors to build your tourney website. Place each sponsor's logo on the main page to make sure your financial backers are getting their money's worth. Create a Sponsors section on the website to give interested visitors more information on local and national companies that make your event possible.

    • Step 3

      Seek out volunteers for event sign-in, ushering and security through your golf tourney website. Your website can feature a Call for Volunteers that highlights sponsor gifts, proximity to professional golfers and other perks of working at the tournament.
    • Step 4

      Hire a graphic designer to draw the layout of the entire golf course as well as details of signature holes for the website. Give the designer as many pictures of the golf course as possible for a realistic rendering of the setting for your event. The final drawings can be uploaded along with photos of the course to pique the interest of avid golf fans.
    • Step 5

      Generate some publicity for your golf tourney website by highlighting celebrities and golfers scheduled to appear. Work out photo rights and biographical details with each participant's agent before starting your website to avoid legal issues. Update the website within a week of the event to promote tee times for notable names.
    • Step 6

      Fill the gallery areas for pre-tourney events by creating a schedule of events on your event website. Promote celebrity Pro-Ams, practice rounds and hole-in-one contests upfront to encourage visitors to spend as much time at your event as possible.
    • Step 7

      Expose online visitors to ticket information on every page to encourage higher ticket sales for your golf tourney. At the bottom of each internal page, write the phone number, address and email of your ticketing agent to catch potential visitors at the high point of their interest in your event.
    • Skill: Moderately Easy
    • Ingredients:
    • Sponsor logos in JPEG format
    • Final itinerary of events
    • Tip: Listing the charities benefiting from the event on your website. Create a category on your main page called Charities with charity descriptions, contact information and donation information for website visitors.
    • Tip: Explain the process of selecting professionals, celebrities and local amateurs as participants for your golf tourney. If your event allows locals to qualify for the event, create a PDF of the entry form and application to encourage a competitive field.
    • Warning:
    • Reduce frustration of out-of-town visitors by placing directions from local hotels and hot spots to your golf tourney on the website. Use MapQuest or Google Maps to create accurate maps that allow ticket holders to reach your golf tourney in the quickest way possible.
    • Avoid unruly behavior and golf faux pas at your golf tourney by publishing an online version of your tourney's rules. Work with your graphic designer to create cartoons depicting good and bad behavior to separate your rule book from drier guidelines on other websites.

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