Building Self Confidence In Leadership Roles

What it takes to gain self-esteem, self-confidence and the ability to take on leadership roles in you personal life and in your job or career.

You've just been asked to head up a group at work, and you don't know if you're capable of pulling it off.What can you do?You certainly don't want your boss or co-workers to know you're uncomfortable, and you need to show a sense of self-confidence for yourself and to keep them from walking all over you.How can you be firm and solid on the outside when you're a mass of quivering jelly on the inside?First, take a deep breath, count to three, and tell yourself you're in control.

You wouldn't be given a leadership role if someone hadn't seen your good qualities and thought you could do the job.What did they see in you that you doubt yourself?Think about it.Get a piece of paper and write down your qualifications.If you know the people you will be leading, write down how you are more adept at being their leader than they are.What parts of the job do you excel at which they don't?

You obviously know your subject, better if not the same as your subordinates.Lead them as you'd want yourself to be led.The main purpose is getting the job done.What kind of job is it?Whether you have to get a magazine out, a car put together, a thousand shirts sewn up, or cages cleaned in an animal shelter, the main purpose of your group is to see the job to completion.There's a right way and a wrong way, an efficient way and a poor way.If everyone works together under your supervision to get the job done, it can be done quickly and efficiently, and once it's done you'll feel proud of your accomplishment, and the next time it will be even easier.Each time you are successful will give you another sense of accomplishment, thus higher self-esteem.In no time at all you'll be leading like you've done it for years.

It's important to always show that you are in control.Bring your people together and tell them what is to be done and how you expect them to do it.If you are sure of how you want to proceed, don't let anyone change your mind.If you're a little confused yourself, listen to others' ideas.Then make the decision and stick to it.Tell each person what their task is and how you want it done.If they still question it, tell them it must be done that way, and see to it that it is.Remember, you are in control.You are the leader, and they must follow your direction.If you have the goal completed in your mind, keep the thought and see it through with your followers.If they hate you for it, so be it.If you were in their place you might hate yourself also, but you're the leader and the job must be done.There can be no second-guessing once it's started, and you can't build self-esteem if you doubt yourself every step of the way.

Oversee their work and compliment them as they go along.Giving subordinates compliments can make you feel much better, and can even give you a bigger sense of self-esteem.It always makes a person feel better to make another person feel better.

Lend a helping hand if you must, but do it as an overseer and helper, not as an equal.You must have the air of authority to keep their respect and continue to lead.Even if you're quaking inside, don't let them see it.Tell yourself you're doing well and forge ahead. And remember, all leaders once started out at the bottom.We all went to kindergarten or nursery school, were forced to face bullies growing up, and trudged along to the point where we're at now.You are now a leader, and it's a scary thing but you can do it.

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