Building The Ultimate Gaming Pc

You do not have to have the most expensive hardware to have a great gaming pc. Learn how to build an awesome machine.

The gaming machine. There is no one definition for what exactly a gaming machine is. Some people could go out and buy the most expensive hardware and make an awesome machine but most people can't do that. That is why I am going to talk to you about the best hardware for your dollar.

The first thing to update is Ram. Ram is key to everything on your computer. I suggest that you upgrade up to at least 128MB since Ram is starting to get so cheap. You can add 64MB to your system for around $100.

Another addition that you must have is a 3D Video Card. These are also getting cheaper and cheaper. The Voodoo 2 and TNT 16MB 3D Cards are now down to about $100. For a serious gamer I suggest going with a Riva TNT2 or any other 32MB Video Card. Make sure that the card you are getting also runs in 2D. This will give your games an awesome layered look.

The mouse. Most people do not think that the mouse is really important in gaming but it is. All serious gamers should have a nice mouse. The Microsoft IntelliMouse is by far the best mouse out there. Its use of the USB port makes it a lot smoother to use with desktops. If you want to learn more about what desktops it is compatible with, you can check them out at If you want the best go with the IntelliMouse. Its use of the laser instead of the traditional mouse ball makes it that more accurate.

I believe that sound makes or breaks a game. That is why I strongly suggest a sound card. The Turtle Beach Montego II Quadzilla is the best sound card for your money. It will cost you about $55 if you are a good shopper. This card is unmatched. Even the super high-end sound cards are not towering over the performance power of this card.

Another thing that is necessary for a great sound system are speakers. Speakers are not expensive at all. You can get great speakers for $50 or $60. It will include 4 corner speakers and a sub-woofer. CompUSA is a great place to get speakers.

A processor is the single-most important part of the computer. A good processor usually costs $400 or more, but you can get an Intel Celeron for about $100. These processors are great for their cost.

You can have a great gaming machine for only a few hundred dollars if you shop right. Remember that the $1000 hardware is not always what you have to have.

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