Building Window Box For Decoration

Building a window box for decoration makes for a pleasant view from inside of your home, as pleasant as it is from the outside of your home.

Exterior windows can be easily decorated and jazzed with the addition of window boxes for plants, flowers and ferns. If your windows are dull and could use some decorating, add a window box.

With a window box, you have the benefit of mini-gardens growing right underneath your windows.

To start, measure the width of your window and purchase a wire window box the same width or as close as possible. Use an electric drill to mount the box under the window. Make sure you leave a little room between your home's exterior and the box itself, as trapped moisture can cause future damage to home exteriors.

Line the window box with a cocoa mat. Fill the box two-thirds fill with quality potting soil.

Now it's time to decorate. Keeping the plants within the pots, arrange them in different ways until you are happy with the balance and effect. Transfer the plants in the box, and leave about six inches breathing room between each plant. This would be a great time to add a slow-release fertilizer around the roots ans well. Remember not to pack the plants too tightly in the soil.

Use plants and flowers that compliment each other and consider using one unique long flowing plant as the focal point in each box. If you have three window boxes, consider using the same ivy plant in the center of each box. This adds style and balance to the entire array. Intermix your greens with color annuals, such as pansies and petunias. However, use one or two shades only to give it a planned look. Using too many colors tends to give a box a haphazard, thrown-together style.

Maintain your box by pruning dead heads off the annuals and cutting back ivies, directing them into new areas.

Sit back and enjoy your miniature gardens!

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