Bump Hairstyles

Everyday Bump If you want an everyday look that works in the office and in the evening, add a bump to your regular hairstyle. While a bump can be added to just about every kind of hairstyle, it works especially well with hair that is chin length or longer, and can be done with layered or blunt hair. To add a bump to your regular, everyday hairstyle, wash and dry your hair as you would normally do. Lift up a section near the crown of your hair, and use a comb to tease or backcomb the section underneath it so that it essentially becomes frizzy. When you've created some bulk with the teasing, lay the section back over the teased hair, and comb it softly to cover up the teasing. You'll look like you have your regular hairstyle, but with a little bit of extra flair. Party Bump The party bump can spice up your regular party ponytail. Although ponytails are a good choice for party hair because they keep your hair out of your eyes while showing off your face, they can be a bit drab and ordinary. Using the backcombing, teasing and camouflaging technique, you can create a party bump that is fun and sassy. Create the bump, and use a paddle brush to gather the hair into a low ponytail near the nape of your neck. Secure with an elastic, grip two sections of the ponytail and pull them tightly to heighten the bump even more. Add a funky headband just above the bangs to isolate the bump to make it look even higher and more fashionable. Elegant Bump The elegant bump is a favorite for those classier occasions such as weddings and other formal events. Use an elegant bump to dress up your hairstyle so that it looks like it was professionally done especially for the event. You can create the elegant bump by using the backcombing, teasing and camouflaging technique as you would for an everyday bump. Then section the hair from either side of your head above each ear, and pull back so that both sections meet in the center of the back of your head. Secure with a transparent elastic band, and then wrap a small section of hair around the band so that it is hidden. Adorn this bump hairstyle with a small, bejeweled hair clip above the ear or slid into the bangs.

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