Free Bunk Bed/Day Bed Plan

Try this free plan to upgrade a bunkbed to a cool day bed. You won't believe how easy it is to make.

If you are like me you bought a nice wooden bunk bed to use for the kids or as a guestbed. I started to try to sell my nearly new bunk bed when I realized that if I altered it, it would be perfect. This project took me approximately 3 hours.

First things first, remove the top bunk bed's mattress and put it in the shed or out of the way. Some bunk beds have the option of separating the top bunk from the bottom to make two beds, if you have this option you do not necessarily have to worry about breaking down the top bunk you can just move the top bed to another room. If you bed does not break down then you need a screw driver or a wrench (depending on the bunk bed) to remove the screws that hold the top main slats to the frame of the bed.

Once you have removed the entire top bunk you can start to think about how high you would like the mattress to your day bed. Remember bunk beds are normally a lot closer to the ground than a normal bed or day bed. Once you have figured out the appropriate height measure the length along the leg from the floor to where the bottom of the slat should be to get the desired height. Remove the bottom mattress and put it out of the way temporarily.

You should mark each leg of the bunk bed so that you will know where the bottom of the slat should line up. Unscrew the slats and move them where the bottom of the slat lines up to your mark. You may need someone or something to hold the slat into place while you screw the slat in. Make sure you screw it in straight, otherwise you may mistakenly turn the slat crooked in the process. If this happens your mattress may not lay on the slat properly.

Once you have all four corners properly screwed in put your mattress bank on the frame. If you have tall legs that go to where the other bunk used to be, you can do several different things. You can saw the top off right above the top of the mattress and if there is enough length you can take those pieces and make an arm rest on the stumps. You can also leave the legs the way they are build shelves off the side, or put finials on top. Be creative.

You should press the bed up against the wall to give a back to your day bed. Buy some over stuffed big pillows or make your own to go across the back.

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